Coolmoviez: How to download movies for free online? Is it safe?

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Craving for the latest Bollywood movie to watch online for free. Well! Nothing can give you the bundle of joy and entertainment except coolmovies, the best platform to download all-India lingual movies online at a single click. That’s right! Now, you do not need to carry the tabs of failure online while trying to download movies for watch later. For example, Like any other proxy sites to watch movies online, coolmoviez is a smooth site with no redirections. Here, you can download movies as smoothly as you download music on your Android using a browser. 

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Today, in this reading, we present to you everything you need to know about Coolmoviez: Free movies download site. This website is becoming popular among entertainment lovers who love to watch a new movie every day and also expand their list of favourite movies. For the most part, Coolmoviez is a user-friendly website that allows you to download movies for free. However, first-time proxy users may find it confusing to use the top features of Coolmoviez subtly. But, don’t worry! Our guide will lead you to your goal without any errors. So, let’s begin to know what Coolmoviez is and how to use it? 


Our website does not intend to promote web thievery or Piracy of premium movies and TV series online. In simple words, we help our users find different ways to tackle the daily challenges they face in finding content online. But, in any way, we do not speak for our users. For the most part, we request our readers to visit the respective site at their own risk. We do not stand responsible for any type of damage that the user may encounter while using coolmoviez.

coolmoviez is illegal
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For the reader’s information, all the content (movies and tv series) available on the mentioned website are illegally acquired by the owner. This type of activity is acknowledged as “Piracy.” In terms of law, Piracy is an act of crime. Hence, utilizing piracy websites to download movies and television series online without the producer’s knowledge (or the person who holds the copyright) can lead to 3 years in jail and monetary compensation as heavy as 10 Lakh Rupees. 

What is Coolmoviez?

To begin with, Coolmoviez or is an online piracy website that permits millions of users to download Hollywood, Bollywood, and also Dubbed movies online free of cost. It persists in a smoothly functional user interface. Thus, the potential of constant error, redirection, and ads is significantly less.

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Above all, coolmoviez has different domains. Here’s a list of coolmoviez domains you can visit using a safe browser (Google Chrome, Safari, or Firewall). Please prefer to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) and activate incognito mode for extra safety and security. Piracy sites may contain virus or malware content that transfers to your PC when you click on the download button. Thus, use the given domains at your own risk. 


Note: All the mentioned domains may or may not work in your area, depending on the accessibility to your IP Address. is the latest site address for CoolmovieZ. If you are unwilling to access domains, please activate a VPN service on your system to eliminate anti-accessibility barriers. 

How do you download movies from Coolmoviez?

Coolmoviez is a widely preferred proxy site to download movies for free. You do not need to buy exclusive membership of premium platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu. You can watch Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi for free only on How? Let’s find out: 

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  • At the bottom of “movie by genre,” do you see the “search movie” option?
  • Type the name of the movie that you want to download in the latter box. 
  • For example, I type “fast and furious.”
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  • You will see a list of movies that are parts of the film.
  • You will also be able to see the “dubbed in Hindi” version available. 
  • Now, tap on the title for which you want to download the movie on your PC. 
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  • Further, on the next page, you will be able to view three different download links.
  • Choose one of the links based on the quality or file size that you would prefer. 
  • You will see two options on the next page: Click to go to the download page and Download Via Working Server.
  • Then, I click on “click to go to the download page.” 
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  • Further, On the next page, select the server of your preference. 
  • A new pop-up window will appear on the screen. Click on the “Allow” button.
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  • At last, The download will start immediately. 
Source: CoolmovieZ
What if you choose “download via working server?”

In the event that you choose the “Download Via Working Server” option while performing the download procedure, you will directly go to the webpage with different servers. From here, you can choose one of the servers and download the movie immediately. 

What do you need to download movies? 

For a quick and malware-free downloading process, you must ensure that you do have the following facilities available at your place of work or home: 

  • Also, Good Internet Speed is required for undisturbed downloading process. 
  • Change your display light to 2 hours. In many cases, the PC’s display light goes off within 15 minutes by default. In this case, the PC goes to sleep. Hence, the browser temporarily stops working as well as the internet connection disconnects. If this happens, the download will stop without your knowledge. Thus, for 2 hours, keep the display light ON. 
  • VPN Service: Piracy websites contain a virus, malware, and ransomware. When you download something using a piracy website, viruses or malware may enter your system without your knowledge. Hence, you must not want to put your PC’s data at risk. Therefore, use a VPN service to hide your IP address and protect virus and malware files from finding access to your system. 
  • NordVPN powerful VPN
  • Activate incognito mode: It is also a necessary precaution to take. Incognito mode blocks cookies from the sites you are using. Hence, It protects your system from reconnecting with the piracy website. Therefore, the website remains unwilling to collect data from your system or browser cookies like credit card pin, passwords, bank details, etc. 
  • Scan for virus immediately after download: Once you have downloaded a movie from Coolmoviez, scan your system for malware or virus. Further, delete history, cookies, and cache for extra protection. 

What are the latest movies leaked on 

At coolmoviez, you will get to enjoy downloading and watching new movies online every day. Here, you can endlessly explore your choices of movies by Genre. Here are some latest movies leaked on 

Zero Figure (2021) The Legend of Hanuman Season 1 (2021)
Housewife Season 1 X Hunger Never Ends (2021)
Tom And Jerry (2021 English Movie) Third Eye Ullu Original (2021) Download For Free
Virgin Brother (2021) To All The Boys Always and Forever (2021 Dubbed in Hindi)
Mirzapur Season 2 Space Sweepers 
Trishna (2021) Twisted Night (2021)
Shikari 2021 The Mitchells Vs. The Machine English Movie


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Are there marathi movies on Coolmoviez? 

Yes. coolmoviez.marathizone domain is very famous and widely used for downloading latest marathi movies for free. To the reader’s surprise, CoolmovieZ is also acknowledged at Alexa for top 100 sites to download marathi movies. Here is the latest marathi movies available on this platform:

Vajvuya Band Baja Marathi Full Movie Tendulkar Out
Project Marathwada Pune Via Bihar
Premacha Jholjhal PremVaari
Kho Kho The Disciple
Pension 2019 Chandrakala Marathi Full Movie B-Grade
Fandry (2014) Full Marathi Movie for Free Doctor Doctor (Release: 2020)


What is the safe way to use piracy sites? 

Unlike other piracy sites online, CoolmovieZ is unique. It holds a channel on telegram where users can join or buy a membership. Therefore, Using telegram channels, users can download Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. Here’s how you can join the CoolmovieZ official channel: 

  • First, Download and Install blue-ticked telegram App using PlayStore or Apple Store. 
  • Further, Create a telegram account or log in to your existing telegram account. 
  • In the search bar, type “coolmoviez” 
  • Then, Tap on the “join” option.
  • Once you join the channel, you can immediately watch and download movies and tv series for free. 

Top alternatives to download movies for free 

In the event that coolmoviez domain does not work on your browser, for any given reason. Don’t dishearten yourself. You can still download and enjoy movies on your PC and watch endless videos using top sites like coolmoviez. So, Here’s a list for your reference:
Plutotv ( IMDB TV Plex TV



Why choose cool movies? Is it safe?

For the most part, piracy websites are never safe to use. These sites are malicious and unpredictable. If you are lucky, you will be able to download movies for free using one of these sites. However, any wrong move can lead you to a dark situation of PC virus and malware, which can harm your personal database at many levels. 

Apart from this, sites like coolmoviez are also illegal. Hence, these piracy sites are never available on the web forever. One minute you are using it, but the next minute, you will notice that the site does not exist. The web authorities constantly lookout for owners of piracy websites (as they are criminals in the eyes of the law and are also committing cybercrime). Thus, the owners of these sites keep changing domains or shutdown sites for a while in order to avoid the risk of eviction. 

For users, it is safe to use coolmoviez, until or unless you are using a VPN and accessing the site using incognito mode. Please ensure that you take all the precautions necessary. 

Thus, Here are a few features of coolmovieZ, which is why it is the top-ranking sites to download movies for free: 

  • Free access to the site.
  • No redirection to new web pages.
  • Further, Direct download links are available.
  • Wide-variety of movies from Hollywood and Bollywood are also available. 
  • Moreover, You do not need to log in or provide any personal information. 
  • Also, Hindi dubbed movies are also available if you are not multilingual. 
  • The site also uploads new films and tv series on a daily basis. 
  • Further, It does not enter cookies or cache.
  • At last, It downloads movies at the highest internet speed possible. 

Want to know more about websites like coolmovieZ? Our platform is open for you round-o-clock. Hence, Read your way through tech tips that make your cyber exploration much more manageable. Thanks for reading!