CS: GO Update: Valve Nerfs M4A1-S Now In Its Best Size


The battle between M4A4 and the M4A1 has raged on for a while, not until the recent riptide update from Valve. Admittedly, the developers have had diverse views on the use of weaponry in the game and have tried to create a uniform field. 

However, there has never been a uniform field in any gameplay because when one area receives some significant meta shifts, players tend to move in that direction, tipping the economic balance in the game ecosystem. The moves sometimes come without logical thought, taking the developers back to the drawing board. 

Updates are exciting, as they provide a reasoning point for die-hard fans of one aspect of a game to shift to the other. While some factions celebrate the June updates, which balanced both M4A4 and M4A1, if the data in online csgo casino is accurate, people are looking to return to M4A4.

Reasons Why Valve Weakened the M4A1-S

Competition is imperative in any gameplay that helps balance the economics of product development. For example, the CSGORoll summer tournament coming up soon will provide a stage for testing the updated M4A1-S. The competition between the staff and players will not only confirm the potency of the weapon but offer the winner a pool of 40K as a prize. 

The M4A1-S was a powerful tool in its previous existence that pushed many players towards it. The economics of maintaining the inferior M4A4 could not sustain the continued onslaught of the powerful weapon that also had an advantage when eliminating enemies.

CS players vented their frustrations with Valve to take action to bring back a balance to the game by weakening some weapons with massive advantages that tipped the balance of competition to a particular side.

In the latest patch, which was released in June, the M4A1 has undergone some tweaks that nerf some of its functionality to bring it to the correct size or capability with the M4A4. 

The most notable changes in the release notes were on the ammunition capacity of the weapon and the amount of magazine the rifle could carry. Valve has reduced the maximum capacity to 20, which is significantly less than the M4A4 by about 10. 

The latest edition of the M4A1 has a higher ammunition capacity that stands at 80, which pushes the spanners to the limit when trying to target an enemy, forcing the users to reload many times.

Previously, the M4A1 was a beast that could handle different gameplays. The latest tweaks done to it reduced its potency in some areas, making gamers more skeptical about picking it as their first choice in some areas.  

Valve made the M4A1 the most preferred tool in the long-range challenges in CSGO. Its low price and better handling made it a darling to a majority of players in the game, even for some situations it could not fit. Changes done to it have lowered it to a less potent choice, putting it at an almost equal capability with the M4A4.

Is The M4A1 Now In Its Best Size?

The M4A1 still holds up to many other weapons in its class, even with the new update set to weaken it. Its price point also remains low for the features it offers to players. However, it has lost some of the superior features that made it crush the M4A4 in the long-range battle fronts and ammunition segments. It also had fewer reloads, cutting the chances of falling to enemy fire when refitting the gun with more ammo. 

Some other features retained from the old version of M4A1 still make it a good choice over the M4A4 even in its weakened form. It has a good aim and the retained silencer that makes it a good pick for lethal missions that require accurate strikes. The recent updates that wrecked the weapon created an exodus to the M4A4 because it holds more magazines. While the specific feature justifies the move, players will find the M4A1 still better in some situations. 

Bottom Line

While the weakening of the M4A1 does a good job of keeping it at similar limits to the M4A4, it is a formidable weapon at its price point. However, players now have to make critical decisions when facing some challenges, not like in the past when the M4A1 was the most formidable.