Danny Duncan — Everything you need to know about the famous YouTuber

Danny Duncan
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When it comes to YouTube, viewers come across dismaying and addictive youtube channels every day. Danny Duncan is one of such YouTubers. In the event that you have seen his videos showing kindness and humanity to other people, you can get influenced quickly.

However, five months ago, in December 2021, Danny Duncan’s former youtube partner and employee — Sunhatkid YouTube, unloaded a “truth about” video on his channel. The video instantly grasped over 2 Million views. In the video, SunhatKid goes into detail about Danny Duncan’s abusive behavior. 

Danny Duncan
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Danny — the YouTuber who himself has over 6 Million subscribers on YouTube, lost much reputation in the eyes of his fans all over the world. All this drama on YouTube has brought one question into the light “Who is Danny Duncan for real?” If you are also thinking the same thing, you will get all the answers in this reading. 

Today, we present a brief guide on — Who is Danny Duncan? Here you will find all the crucial details about Duncan counting down from his childhood till today. Let’s get started: 


Full Name Daniel Lee Duncan
Nick Name/other name  Gary WInthrope/Danny Duncan 
Born on 27th July, 1992
Birthplace Englewood, Florida, USA
Age 29 Years old, as of May 2022
Body type  Lean
Weight 70 Kgs, 151 lbs
Complexion White
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian 
Lives in  Los Angeles, California, USA 
Best features Blue faded eyes
Qualifications Lemon Bay High School graduate
Profession Social media influencer, comedian, prankster, youtuber, tiktoker, musician, and actor
Girlfriend (Ex) Lindsay Bell (ex, 2015)
Family info Susan Duncan (Mother), Mathew Duncan (younger brother). 
Net Worth $7 Million approximately
Annual Income $850K per year
House Worth $3.5 Million 
Handles to follow  Youtube — Danny Duncan

Instagram — @dannyduncan69

Twitter — @DannyDuncan69

Reddit — Danny_Duncan


Introduction to Danny Duncan 

To begin with, Danny Duncan is one of the most popular American YouTubers. In 2014, he kickstarted his channel on YouTube. The context of his channel, in the beginning, revolved around public pranks. Lately, he has expanded his channel’s content to group ranking videos, trending topics, and much more.

He also has an expanded Instagram profile with over 3.5 million followers. The shocking part is that he only follows one person — Lance Armstrong, an American Athlete and cyclist. 

Born on 27th July, 1992, 29 years old, Danny Duncan YouTuber, has showcased multiple talents through his videos. He has embraced acting, comedy, skateboarding, as well as music.

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According to the inside details, Danny Duncan comes from Englewood, Florida. It is also his birthplace. By nationality, he is an American. To the reader’s surprise, in the context of ethnicity, Danny Duncan is Caucasian. In his several videos, he has been seen conversing with his mother, Susan. 

Inside details also disclose that his mother and father are no longer together. From what we have learned from Mr. Duncan’s video, he has a great sense of humor and sarcasm. He is close friends with many popular YouTubers as well. 

Charming and handsome Danny Duncan gets a lot of attention for his dismaying looks, blonde & curly hairstyle, and blue pigmented eyes. Without a doubt, he is one of the most charming caucasian YouTubers as well. 

What is Danny Duncan’s age? 

Born on 27th July 1992, Danny Duncan’s age is 29 years old. In a month from now, he will turn 30 years old. Here’s a fun fact: did you know? Danny started his youtube channel when he was only 22 years old.

In the span of eight years, he has captured high-end audiences on youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. He is also acknowledged as a social media personality and influencer. 

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What is Danny Duncan’s height?

Almost 30 years old, Danny Duncan is a charming young man who stands Five feet and eight inches tall (5’8″). In centimeters, his height measurement is 178. In meters, it is 1.78. Also, in addition to a good height, he has a milky white complexion.

He also has dark blonde and curly hair. Further ahead, he has a lean body and pack of six abs. In the context of weight, Danny Duncan weighs 70 kg or 151 lbs. 

In several of the videos, Danny Duncan seems close to two people — his mother, Susan and Papa Jim. Apart from this, he often hangs out with Lia Wolf, SunhatKid, Aaron, and Andrew. 

Is Danny Duncan related to Papa Jim?

As aforementioned, Danny Duncan seems like a kind and amazing person. He often hangs with his mom, friends, and elderly people. Many viewers are confused if Papa Jim is actually related to Danny Duncan as the term “papa” suggests. Well! The answer is No.

According to our research, Papa Jim, whom you may have seen in Duncan’s pranking videos, is not indeed related to him. Inside details reveal that Papa Jim is indeed related to Danny Duncan’s friend David Tomchinsky. David is Danny’s personal assistant. On May 12, 2022, a few days ago, Papa Jim, a prankster very close to the heart of Danny Duncan and his family, passed away. 

Danny Duncan
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Shockingly, back in 2021, news of Papa Jim’s death surrounded that was untrue over the internet. However, this time, it is true. Danny did not reveal the details about how Papa Jim died! However, we only assume that he died due to his old age. 

Papa Jim’s death caused a lot of pain to Danny and his assistant David Tomchinsky along with family members. During these hard times, hundreds of thousands of viewers send their condolences to both online on youtube. 

What are Danny Duncan’s qualifications? 

Danny is a sophisticated young man and influencing individual for his 6.5 Million subscribers on youtube and mutual followers on Instagram. Born in Engleton, Florida, Duncan finished his intermediate at a local high school by the name Lemon Bay High School. He did not go to college in order to support his family perhaps. 

Here’s a fun fact — did you know? Danny Duncan’s real name is Garry Winthrope, as mentioned on his Instagram profile. It was also his school name. 

Who are all in Danny Duncan’s family?

In several youtube videos, Danny Duncan has introduced his mother, Susan Duncan. Further, the videos also mention his sister, but her name is not available. His brother, Mathew, has also appeared in videos on occasions.

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Duncan’s videos also suggest that his mother and father separated before his graduation due to personal issues. Danny seems a lot closer to his mother. He does not mention his father very much in his vlogs. 

Apart from this, he also likes to keep his personal life private. Most of his videos include pranking in public, music videos, and other interactive videos with fans and such. He is quite an ambitious person. 

Is Danny Duncan single? 

He is popularly known by his name “Daniel Lee Duncan,” he is currently single. Back in 2015 to – the present, he has often mentioned his relationships in the past. Hence, we dug and found out — 

Without mentioning anything personal about his past girlfriends, Danny Duncan suggests that he had been in two long-term relationships. Rumors suggest that back in 2015, Danny was dating Lindsey Bell, who is a fashion blogger and Youtuber. In late 2015, the relationship between the couple ended. 

On the contrary, his second ex-girlfriend’s name is unknown. He has not been seen romantically engaging with anyone on camera as well. He is often accompanied by the public, friends, family members, etc. 

What is Virginity Rocks by Danny Duncan? 

While binge-watching Danny Duncan’s videos, you may have noticed him wearing “Virginity rocks” T-shirts several times. We want to inform you that Virginity Rocks is a clothing brand owned by Duncan.

At the age of 29, he is a superstar YouTuber as well as a business owner. At the Danny Duncan Virginity Rocks store, you can purchase clothes such as hoodies, T-shirts, Tanks for Men, accessories, bags, skateboards, hats, and much more. All under $100. 

Danny Duncan
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Apart from this, you can also purchase accessories, backpacks, clothing, skateboard, and other items with different quotes such as —

Papa Jim, I (HEART) HOT MOMS, Danny Duncan classics, Practice Safe Sex, and more. It is called Danny Duncan 69 Store. If you desire to purchase Danny Duncan’s customized t-shirts, check out the newest collection today!

What is Danny Duncan’s net worth? 

Social media star, YouTuber, comedian, and celebrity Danny Duncan has gotten quite rich by creating several forms of content for his millions of fans. Did you know? Danny’s first-ever job after high school was at Walgreens. Who says you can’t dream big? 

Today, in 2022, 30 years old Danny Duncan’s Net Worth stands at $7 Million. He is the 105th top comedy ranked all over the world. According to the research, Danny earns upto 850K per year through youtube videos alone. His online video conversion rate is $3 minimum and $7 maximum per view. Within a week, his video grasps over 8 Million views, which is larger than his actual subscribers’ count. 

Video uploaded by Danny Duncan today, six hours ago, has already reached over 800K views. Thus, our view of Danny Duncan is much higher than $7M. However, his net worth/income has not been unveiled or confirmed by him. 

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Apart from this, Danny Duncan’s 69 Store also brings a large amount of income his way. His virginity rocks’ clothing, T-Shirts, and other accessories are prominent among Americans. 

Here’s a fun fact, did you know? Danny Duncan’s virginity rocks t-shirt idea was not original. That’s right! To the reader’s surprise, in 2018, TLC UK’s show guest — Skippy, indeed wore the t-Shirt that said “Virginity rocks” on it. Many critics believe that Danny stole the idea from there.

However, to clarify for the readers. Virginity rocks quote’s copyright on Danny’s name longer than the TLC Show. Hence, the rumor is false. 

Danny also spoke about why he picked “Virginity rocks” wording for his 69 collections during an interview. In response, he said, “because I am vulgar, I am trying to do things that are not vulgar.” 

Does Danny Duncan have a house in LA? 

In the event that you closely follow Danny Duncan on YouTube, you would be aware that Danny Duncan has recently bought a house in Los Angeles for his beloved mother, Susan. Duncan’s house is a $3.5 million worth mansion with a big pool and glass-embraced interior to the reader’s surprise. In actuality, he bought it for his mother. He said it was one of his dreams to buy his mother a house. 

Is Danny Duncan an abuser? 

Six months ago, in December 2021, Danny Duncan was trending and labeled as an abuser. The video titled “Truth about Danny Duncan,” uploaded by another YouTuber Sun Hat Kid obtained 2 Million views. For the most part, SunhatKid is another YouTuber who started his youtube channel five years ago. He has over 340K Subscribers currently. 

According to the inside details of the video, SunhatKid was working under Danny Duncan for years. In several of Danny Duncan’s vlogs and pranking videos, he has been seen being pranked on occasions. However, when Sun Hat Kid revealed the details of his abusive relationship (employer and employee) with Danny shocked the world. 

Back in 2016 – 2017, SUnhatkid was indeed homeless. In order to help him, Danny asked him to be in his videos. He became a regular addition to Duncan’s vlogs in just a few months. Sunhatkid signed a 10 years contract with Danny, the YouTuber, against the advice of his family and friends in Ohio. 

Danny Duncan
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According to him, in the beginning, Danny’s behavior was quite dominative. He asked Sunhatkid to unfollow other competitive YouTubers, resulting in losing friendships. He also described an event where Danny Duncan physically abused Sunhatkid by punching him in the basement of his house in LA for no good reason. 

In the 18.43 minutes video, Sunhatkid described many events where physical abuse took place. 

Danny Duncan’s response to Aaron Hall’s (Sun Hat Kids) video

On the contrary, Danny Duncan responded to Aaron’s video via youtube. He denied any activity that forced Aaron to sign the contract or unfollow any YouTubers, for that matter. He further displayed a glimpse of vlogs where Aaron is the one who is kicking David, drowning Nick, and wrestling with other team members. 

Not only this, but he also, in the beginning, shared an audio recording where Aaron is asking Danny to collaborate with him. Aaron is saying that he is not getting boastful on youtube and that he needs help. 

On other occasions, news about Danny Duncan being abusive to children has also surrounded us. However, we believe it is a hoax. What do you think? Share your views in the comments. 


Q. Who Is Danny Duncan?
A. Danny Duncan is a famous social media personality.

Q. How old is Danny Duncan?
A. He is 31 years old.

Q. When was Danny Duncan born?
A. Danny Duncan was born on 27 July 1992.

Q: How tall is Danny Duncan?
A: He is about 5 feet 10 inches.

Q. How many followers does Danny Duncan Have?
A. He has over 4 million followers.


We hope that this reading has helped you acknowledge your favorite youtube star with a microscope. For more information on celebrities, athletes, YouTubers, etc., who inspire you, drop (heart emoji) below. Please note that all the counsel provided in this reading is research from a sustainable source. Thank you for having us on your screen time. Good luck!