Questions to Ask a Disability Employment Services Provider

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While finding meaningful employment when one is healthy and physically able is challenging, how much more if the person has a disability, injury, or mental health condition? In one news report, most job seekers shared that they experienced discrimination in recruitment once they “tick the disability box” in their application forms. According to a 2019 report by the People with Disability in Australia, only 48 per cent of disabled individuals at working age are employed, which is much lower than the 79 per cent employment rate of those without any disability. Suppose you have a similar struggle as a person with a diagnosed medical condition or disability, you may be looking for employment services for disability (DES) provider to assist you in your job search.

While finding a DES provider is easy with over a hundred of them all over the country, partnering with the right one needs a bit of work. To help you choose a reliable DES provider, consider asking the following questions:

Is the DES Provider Paying Attention?

Keep in mind that the employment services for disability program are meant to help you find, acquire, and keep a meaningful job. As such, it is important to partner with a DES provider that provides a client-focused approach rather than one that boasts a “foolproof method” of helping you out.

While most disabled persons are experiencing some form of discrimination in their job search, no two persons are alike in all aspects. A reliable DES provider will try to listen to your career goals, skills, abilities, domestic requirements, and other factors to ensure that you receive the assistance you need.

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You may want to stay away from providers with a ready-made plan that does not consider your specific requirements. How can they help you when you are just another faceless client?

Does the Provider Have Faith in Your Abilities?

Apart from searching for a DES provider that will consider your individual needs, it is also vital that you find one with a strong belief in your abilities and potential. The job search can be frustrating and disappointing. While self-confidence is crucial, it also helps if you have a support team behind you cheering and pushing you in the right direction.

Your DES provider is your partner in achieving your goals. They should help you look for the right job and have the right tools and systems to keep you focused and motivated as you look for the best employment, and once you start working.

Does the Provider Have a Solid Support System and Connection?

Ensure that your DES provider has a strong connection to companies and businesses in your area that are ready to hire. Remember, your goal is to get a suitable job and succeed in it. All the planning and preparation should lead to employment. 

Find out if the provider you consider has an excellent reputation in matching clients to the employment of their choice. You can ask for feedback, read online reviews, and request a face-to-face meeting to assess how the organisation supports clients like you.

The discussion points above are just some of the factors that you need to be wary of so that you will find employment services for disability that truly knows how to assist your specific needs. Do not let anyone decide for you. Ultimately, trust the effort you put in and your instincts.

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