Download iTunes for windows 10- Simple and Easy Steps

how to download itunes for windows

Download iTunes for Windows 10 

A lot of us use the windows system, but we fail to download iTunes for windows. iTunes is an amazing application by apple that helps us to save, play, and transfer music files. Unfortunately, this application does not come pre-installed on Windows PCs or laptops. Hence, we have to download them. Here, we will talk regarding how you can easily download iTunes for windows in simple and easy steps. Moreover, we will show you various ways to do it according to your convince.

iTunes is a compact music managing application that helps you to manage your audio files easily. From the transferring of the files to playing it or even making a smart playlist for yourself, iTunes can help you to do all such tasks easily! Furthermore, it connects and links with your apple id, which means all of the apple devices that you use can be connected to it. Hence, let us read below on how to download iTunes for Windows 10 in the best manner possible. Also, we shall discuss some of the pros and cons of the iTunes player that will help you to assess the software with a better perspective.

Get iTunes for Windows 10 in Simple and Easy Steps.

Here we will discuss the basic method through which you can download the iTunes application easily. This requires you to download iTunes for Windows 10 with the help of a browser. Here you can use any browser of your choice and directly download the app from the apple website. Let us check out how you can do it!

1- Start the internet browser that you use on a day to day basis.

2- Open the official website of Apple

3- Navigate your way through the site

4- Go to the iTunes Section

5- Look for the download now button

6- Check for the compatibility

7- Download the setup file

Once the setup is downloaded

1-Open the file.

2- Let the system download iTunes for window ten and wait for the icon to pop up on your desktop.

3-Open the iTunes application and enter the details of your apple id

4- If you don’t have an apple id, you can make one for iTunes as well.

Read below if you don’t have an apple id-

How to create an Apple ID for Windows 10 users.

how to download iTunes for windows 10n

Apple asks for the id and password for almost every application or product that they have. For the same reason, you cannot operate iTunes if you don’t have an apple id by your Name. Hence, it is important for you to have an apple id. If you don’t have a pre-existing applied ID, just follow the steps below to know how to do it.

1- Open iTunes that you have downloaded from the steps above.

2- Once the application is launched, you will see a login window-

3- Now, since you don’t have an id and a password, you have to select create an Apple ID.

4- Once you click on Create a new Apple ID, you will see a new window opening.

5- Furthermore, you have to fill in all the details of the question that are asked.

6-However, it is important to keep in mind that you have to fill the form accurately.

7-Enter Name in the given blanks.

8-Provide them with accurate details.

9-Give them a valid email ID as that will be useful.

10- Add your location (the city and the country that you live in)

11- Moreover, you have to add your pin code as well

12-Apple ID will also need your payment details as there are a lot of paid services of apple-.

13-However, don’t worry as they will not charge you anything without letting you know.

14- Tick the checkbox of the terms and conditions that they have mentioned.

15- Click next.

Now, your Apple ID is created. Furthermore, all you will need to do is get you to authorize the ID, as many people try to make fake IDs as well.

Authorization of Apple ID and iTunes for Windows 10

Once you have downloaded iTunes for Windows 10 and created an Apple ID, now you need to authorize your account. This is a vital step in the whole process as without it. You won’t be able to log into your Apple ID or operate the application. Moreover, by authorizing, you will be able to make a valid registration of your device as well. This will help you to manage your music on various devices. Also, this will help you to transfer your music better as well.

1- Open the iTunes file that you have downloaded.

2- Fill in the details of the apple ID login with the given ID and password.

3- Once you have logged in, open the authorization segment, and click on it.

4- Just as you click on it, that will take you to a separate window.

5- They will authorize your ID with the email ID that you had given earlier.

6- They might even verify the account details with your phone number as well.

7- Hence, it is important for you to give the correct phone number.

8- Once you click on the authorize button, you will get a mail and a message from apple.

9- If a code or pin comes in the mail or the message, just enter the given code, and you are good to go.

Media and iTunes for Windows 10


One of the best and major factors of iTunes is the media library that it creates. The media library helps you to analyst and manage your songs or audio files flawlessly. The media library does not create by itself. Hence, you might have to do it manually. Let us check out and see how you can do it with simple and easy steps.

1- Open iTunes on your Windows 10 system.

2- Log in with your respective ID and password.

3- Once you log into the Itunes app, you will see the homepage of iTunes.

4- Go to the menu and select the import options

5- Furthermore, these import options will help you to get all your music on the list.

6- Now, you will get an option to select the desired drive or folder from where you want to import all your audio files.

7- This will help you to get all your audio files that are downloaded on your Windows 10 system to be in the library.

8- Once it is there in the library, you can transfer, add or remove it from the list.

9- Moreover, you can also make various playlists from the files that are in the media library.

Shop on iTunes for Windows 10

The iTunes Store has a ton of media available for purchase and download. Here’s how to get started. Here you can buy various songs from a ton of artists the may belong anywhere in the world! Keep in mind that you have to pay for whatever you purchase on the iTunes Store. Moreover, for this transaction, they will charge you from the same account that you added during the registration of your Apple ID.

Let us know how you can download various songs and audio files from the iTunes Store.

1- Launch the iTunes app on your Windows 10 system.

2- Now once, it is open, go to the store section that you can see on the homepage itself.

3- Furthermore, you can now see the vast number of music files and e-books or even podcasts available to download.

4- Go to the search bar and enter the artist or the song that you are looking for.

5- Once you found it, click on the buy button and wait.

6- Now, you will see a confirmation window popping up.

7- In this window, you will find the details of the charges and also your account details.

8- If you find everything to be ok and you are ready to make the payment click on make payment.

9- Once you make the payment, the song will be added to your media library, and now you can listen to it anytime you want.

10- Moreover, you can even add the song or the audio file to any of your playlists as well.

11- You can even transfer it to any other devices that you are using, which is registered with your Apple ID.

Add and Manage Your Subscription

how to download iTunes for Windows 10

iTunes also offers a nice range of subscription plans that you can use to get an immense number of benefits. Such as, you can download various songs and audio files. You will be notified when a song of your taste or liking will be realized. Any new upcoming albums will also be notified to you. However, it is a paid subscription that comes with various plans that you can apply. Moreover, you get the facility of iTunes match, which is a wonderful perk that you get with the subscription. Along with access to all of the apple music, you can get an ad-free experience. Check out how you can get the subscription below.

1- Open iTunes on your Windows 10 system.

2- Log in with your details of the Apple ID.

3- Once you have logged in and opened the app.

4- You will land on the media library page.

5- On the media library page, you have to go to my accounts,

6-Click on my account and open the subscription tab.

7- Now, you will see various types of plans and their prices which they have to offer.

8- Choose the most suitable plan for yourself and click on the Next button.

9- Furthermore, next, you will be taken into the payment window where they will finalize your payment.

However, you can discontinue the subscription anytime you want to.


We hope that now you know how you can download iTunes for Windows 10 in simple and easy steps. Along with iTunes, now you know how you can create your Apple ID as well. Moreover, now you know how you can use the application in various ways to enjoy music and various audio files.