Effectiveness of Student Math Worksheets with a Picture Based Approach


Mathematics is a subject that finds its utility in everyday life, making number-crunching skill an essential one to have. Worksheets are a pedagogical tool to help reinforce learning. For example, 2nd grade math worksheets would be designed for a second-grade student to practice math problems. Thus worksheets can be created for different age groups to help them imbibe the basics of mathematics in a fun and engaging manner.

Teachers always aim to come up with effective strategies so that the students can have an efficient learning process; hence, they take the help of worksheets designed specifically to practice upon the concepts taught in the class. As boring as the name might sound, but math worksheets are a fun way to help the students get acquainted with math basics. These worksheets are colourful and have many interactive activities like counting, drawing, and colouring, helping the kids observe, play, have fun and learn along. If you are looking for such fun and interactive worksheets, you can have a look at Cuemath worksheets which are easy to download and can be printed.

Gone are the days of boring lectures where the students were supposed to take the teachers notes and refer to their textbooks for learning. With a variety of worksheets readily available, students can encounter their favourite characters or cartoons in the worksheet solving math puzzle or included in the math question. Having funny pictures or graphics in the worksheets instantly grabs the attention of the child and helps them being engaged through the practice session. This is just one of the many interactive features of the mathematics worksheets. Imagine the fun that a child has while colouring and while studying; if they are given such a chance to draw, count fun objects, colour figures disguised into a math learning, it will help the child take out their creative learning side as well. After completion, the teacher can reward the student with colourful stars or other attractive graphical stickers, which boosts their confidence.


Math is considered to be a study of patterns, and observing the occurrence of these patterns is an essential skill to have in order to proceed for higher math studies. Hence with a picture based worksheet which has various attractive and colourful patterns of stars, hearts, circles, squares, trees, triangles, or various other shapes will help the children in observing and learning these shapes and relating them to real life. Activities like counting these pictures, circling the odd one out, matching shapes, colouring the figures, all these kinds of activities help the children not only make sense of math in real life as well but also helps them to be actively engaged in the learning process.

By adopting a picture-based approach, the teachers can get as creative as they want. The more creative the worksheet, the more children will enjoy it. These days a lot of online tools are available for the teachers to make their worksheets, and they offer attractive pictures just a click away. Thus teachers should definitely take the help of such technology to come up with innovative mathematics worksheets. This will also save them their time and effort as these worksheets can easily be printed to be used anywhere.

Worksheets also have another fun learning aspect attached to them if solved collectively in groups. Children learn a lot from their peers; hence such cooperative learning should be encouraged for a more enjoyable learning environment. Therefore, the picture based worksheets are very useful in introducing the fundamentals of math to young minds in a creative way which helps them in retaining the concept thoroughly. The students can find a variety of such worksheets online too. They simply just need to be downloaded and printed. Practising even one worksheet everyday will play a huge role in the learning curve of the student, and they will get confident with the fundamentals of math.

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