Email Marketing With Klaviyo: Best Practices

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Email marketing is all about generating value through the combination of smart thinking, tactical application and developing a strong ecosystem of design and strategy using a klaviyo experts agency.

The first step in the process is developing a plan and then executing that plan throughout the branding, customer journey and focusing on establishing a roadmap that makes it simple for both customers and internal teams to understand the main content and positioning plan for the email marketing system in place.

Often customers are receiving emails that are disjointed and aren’t 100% on-brand with randomly timed offers and people tend to push discounts or sales too much, although yes they do help with conversion rates and opens rates, but sometimes just reminding customers about great brands that you carry is enough to establish a connection.

Branding and design in klaviyo email marketing is very important to have to be clean and provide a visual message of refined, professional, polished and psychologically establish that level of trust that is so important in creating strong connections with your customers.

When you think about email marketing automation, the key is to be careful not to over send and get into the muddy water of having customers feel spoken at too often, creating an unsubscribe and reducing the lifetime value of that customer email. Remember, generating an email address is the same as generating a friend or colleague. You have an opportunity to have a long lifetime journey together. But many time klaviyo email marketers are using the automation components too much so that customers are receiving more emails from the automation systems, then on top of that you have individual campaigns that are being sent which then create a situation of too much communication and that may be offputting; something that puts your customer lead and their lifetime value at risk. Be careful of this!

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With all of the ways in which you can create specific messaging and targeting, it is highly important to have a solid plan for your klaviyo email marketing systems and use them appropriately for the purpose of supplementing great branding, communication, and delivery.

There are many techniques that experts in Klaviyo use to determine the correct methods and approaches to sending email at the right time, especially based on user actions online and that is what establishes proper guidelines for your brand. There are items like upsell emails, abandoned carts, review requests, and specialized list segmentation that makes it much easier and faster for your brand to have direct conversations that are relative to the actions of the user themselves on the website. We also recommend working with Shopify or BigCommerce to connect your Klaviyo email marketing systems, as these platforms will also allow your ecommerce store to have a seamless and fast data-sync with the most important elements of your email marketing.

Once you have everything connected, then you are able to sync the contacts, contact lists and start mapping out exactly how you will approach your email marketing automation systems. To find the correct times of messaging and the correct content, you also have to think about the customer journey and personas of your target customers so that you are molding your messaging not around the vast majority of people, but the majority of people that are most likely to convert and purchase a larger amount of your products; in other words, the customers with the highest LTV and spend on your ecommerce store. If you review that, then you are able to find the best positioning of those emails and what the primary message is for your Klaviyo email experts marketing systems.

As technologists and strategists come together nowadays to create both systems and processes for reaching customers, and the world of banner ads and ad-blockers starts to become a normal situation, we have to remember that ultimately all of the messaging and communication that we are doing is similar to having a face-2-face engagement with a person where we need to be respectful, mindful, and use tact in our email marketing systems and processes to be genuine, true, and create a value in that statement; whether that statement be a visual graphic or a contextual message.

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Working on email marketing is also something that needs to connect to other mediums that you are using with your overall marketing plan and positioning plan. Every company has a story and a service or product they provide to the broader world at large and that is where we need to determine what is it exactly that we want to communicate, and does our customer understand this within their busy day filled with tons of other noise coming from every direction. Yes, breaking through that noise is where the magic happens with email marketing, but the way in which you create that messaging is where you will excel at the goal of conversion and increasing the sales for your brand.

Upward, and onward marketers!


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