7 Facts About IPL That You Were Not Aware of

IPL fantasy performances

India is a nation of cricket fans. Everyone in India seems to relate to cricket easily. It is not surprising that the IPL fantasy league 2020 season is awaited desperately. People are checking records of past IPL fantasy performances. There is a whole group of cricket fans actively participating in online bidding. If you are one such avid cricket fan, here are some exciting facts about the IPL fantasy to enthral you.

  • Piyush Chawla’s Stunning Bowling Record

Piyush Chawla is an Indian Cricketer with a stunning record in the IPL Fantasy League. The bowler holds the record for not bowling a single no ball in 386 overs when he played for Delhi Daredevils. It is not surprising that Piyush Chawla is among the most expensive players for IPL fantasy performances in the IPL league 2020. 

  • The Two Indians to Win MVP Award in IPL

MVP stands for the most valued player. This award has been received only by two Indian players till date after commencement of the IPL fantasy league. In the year 2010, Sachin Tendulkar was the first player to win the MVP Award. In that season, Sachin Tendulkar scored 618 runs for Mumbai Indians.

The second player to win the MVP Award is Virat Kohli. He achieved the award in the eighth IPL season by acquiring 973 runs in that season.

  • The Duck King in IPL History 

We have spoken much about the excellent IPL fantasy performances of players. So, here we have something different to share. Our favourite Harbhajan Singh, who has been part of the Mumbai Indians team has scored the maximum number of ducks. He is no more a part of the IPL Fantasy Leagues.

  • The Stunning Double Century Partnerships

Here is another interesting fact for all the IPL T20 fantasy viewers. Virat Kohli was a name that scored the opponents in cricket. This player has been a part of three double century partnerships. These awesome performances happened in 2012 against Delhi Daredevils, 2015 against Mumbai Indians and then 2016 against Gujarat Lions. 

  • Contradictory Records by Royal Challengers Bangalore

It is difficult to categorize some teams as best or worst. This is because they contradict their own records with unpredictable performances. The best example is that of Royal Challengers Bangalore. This is the team that holds the record for having highest and lowest totals to their name.

  • The Cost of One Ball in IPL

There are crores of rupees invested each year on Fantasy IPL sessions. The broadcasting rights of IPL 2018 season was sold at Rs. 16347.5 crores to Star India Network. This meant that each ball in that Fantasy IPL league cost Rs. 21 lakhs.

  • Players Who Played Over 100 Matches for the Same Team

Most players who have been a part of the ipl t20 fantasy matches have switched from one team to another. There are only two overseas players who have played over 100 matches being a part of the same ipl t20 fantasy teams. These players are AB De Villiers and Kieron.

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