FIFA 21 Review

FIFA 21 Review
Image Credit : Daily Mirror

It’s that time of year in which EA Sports releases their next chapter in the FIFA saga and this year might finally be the year in which they’ve made beneficial changes to game modes in which are actually played; rather than introducing pointless mini-games in which consumers like us play no more than once. 

A game mode in which has been forgotten about in recent times, and very much neglected by EA Sports due to Ultimate Team being their main point of sale is Career Mode, a game mode for the hardcore. As a whole, this FIFA is really bringing the entertainment factors due to the amount of goals that are being scored, we don’t know if this is down to the difficult defending this year or the ease to just score from anyway. Our favourite feature about the new career mode is that is has had a Football Manager-style in-game overhaul in which you can switch between many different views. The user face of Career Mode also been improved and has returned to be a game mode that is actually worth playing

Gaming has become such a powerful industry these days, with it being one of the fastest growing on the planet. Gaming has a cross over with the online casino market and one in which many bookies are experiencing trends of FIFA players migrating onto casino markets, you can still find sites not blocked by Gamstop here. Gaming and gambling go hand in hand due to both being online services that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

Ultimate Team of course is the main monetary revenue for EA with the in-game purchases on UT always breaking records in the gaming world. Ultimate Team has also had a make-over as expected and rewards you in many alternative ways than usual compared to previous FIFA’s. The main benefit that we have enjoyed on this FIFA UT is that there is no longer fitness cards for your players which has been a nightmare every since its introduction.

And finally, the maybe forgotten about younger sibling in the FIFA world is that of pro-clubs but has certainly taken steps in the right direction this year. This year, you can now finally customise the visuals, name and kit of the AI players and can change up to five pre-sets in the prematch lobby which has allowed for custom tactics. Although, Pro Clubs still does have a lot of room for improvement, but we are not sure when this is going to change due to it being a forgotten priority for EA.