Five Gaming Trends for 2020

2020 gaming trend

Online gaming and gambling have undergone huge changes over the past few decades to remain competitive and relevant in a crowded marketplace. As companies find ways to latch onto innovative technological advances, we look at the five exciting trends that could push the industry forward in 2020.

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1) Affiliation

Affiliation marketing has become an increasingly important component in the online gaming sphere as it helps drive companies to respective websites and increase online traffic. In 2020, this will continue to grow, and it is thought the industry could generate roughly $143bn.

Ultimately, this is a lucrative avenue for businesses who establish relationships with other ambitious firms. This will help in the long term to generate more revenue and, subsequently, this will boost interaction on the site for new and existing players.

2) More live dealers

Players will end up preferring to wager in a virtual casino from their own home rather than visiting a physical casino in 2020.Part of the appeal of going to a real casino was getting to play with a human dealer, who would often have an air of charm and wit about them. However, the shift towards online dealers could go some way to replicating this and encourage more players to log on from home. There are plenty of Online Casinos offering Live Dealer games and websites like help you quickly and easily find active games, along with providing free bets, promotions and offers to help you on your way.

3) VR gaming more prevalent

The advent of VR could be thrust into the limelight more in 2020. With VR, this could pave the way for a more immersive online gaming experience, which could draw more new customers to sites if done correctly and effectively.

Popular slot games such as Jackpot Raiders and Flaming Fox are likely to undergo a makeover as there will be more of a clamour from existing gamers to ensure they are VR compatible.

4) Smartwatches to take a more leading role

While the vast majority of apps have revolutionised the way that customers gamble on their phone, betting using smartwatches could take on greater importance and help to shake up the industry in 2020. Online gaming companies will need to work extremely hard to provide the best service and find the right blend between the traditional and modern aspects of gambling. For some, betting using a smartwatch is a more accessible option for those who rely on it every day to track their fitness as well as reading WhatsApp messages.

Its global worth could hit the $33bn mark by the end of the year, and gaming software developers are likely to be savvier in coding programmes that can be easily integrated on all devices.

Improvements to slot machines

In an effort to appeal to a younger generation in 2020, online gaming companies will attempt to broaden their product range and revitalise their existing ones. Some popular games such as Tree of Riches and Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx could be given a makeover.

This will be a practical measure to entertain younger audiences and retain them as customers over a longer period of time.