Top 8 Best Free Offline Music Apps You Need To Know

Top 8 Best Free Offline Music Apps You Need To Know

What should you do when you want to listen to music, but your device has no internet connection?

In that case, instead of listening to music online, you will have to download your favorite songs to your phone and synchronize data. This is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming.

Now, thanks to the top 8 best free offline music apps, we can listen to any song whenever and wherever you want.

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Here are The Best Free Offline Music Apps You Need


This is one of the most popular online music services in the US released even before Apple Music. We can say Apple Music is “born” to compete with Spotify.

Spotify is known as the most popular application for listening to music with over 10 million downloads and settings. An extensive music library and  various playlists are waiting for you to explore. You can also create your favorite list as you like.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Spotify

The free version will have ads appearing including banner and auto-play ads. The free form of Spotify can operate on cell phones, laptop, and computers, but for full service, you have to register for Spotify Premium.

The paid version has no ads, allow users to listen and download music at higher quality. Spotify uses a simple interface which supports Chromecast, and the computer version owns more features than the phone version.

Listening to offline music on this app is easy. You only need to:

  • Visit the Spotify website and register for an account. You can login with Facebook account. It will help you find and follow your friends more easily, and you will know what your friends are listening to and share any song with them.
  • Select the registration type. I suggest using  Spotify Premium because it provides you with access to more highlights, greater adaptability, and the ability to interface with more gadgets. 
  • Download this app and install for free on your devices.
  • Login to your account on the device and enjoy the music.

If you choose to register for Spotify Premium, there are maximum of 3,333 songs for you to listen offline on three devices at the same time. 

Downloading tunes, playlists, and collections on Spotify is  extremely simple . Just click the “Save” button on the album you want to download. Then, click on the three dots next to the song and choose “Save to Your Music” on the computer version or “Save” on the mobile version to save the song to your music library.


Deezer is one of the best streaming music player, provided by Blogmusik SAS in France. It allows users to listen to music on multiple devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone), in online or offline mode. 

Deezer has over 20 million copyright songs, over 30,000 broadcast channels and 30 million registered  service accounts in 182 countries. It is an international music service, but there are also many American songs and music albums on it.

Deezer has been around for a long time on Google Play. The free version of the service allows you to use the FLOW feature to discover new artists and create music-based playlists.

For the paid version, you can use all of its premium features with only $14.99. One of notable advantages of Deezer Premium is to download many favorites song offline.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

The app also provides lyrics search, unlimited playlist creation, and a comprehensive list of different singers. 

To experience this exciting new way of listening to music, you must download the Deezer application and use the Facebook social network account to login. It represents a close connection between Deezer and Facebook.

Then, find the menu, go to settings, and click offline mode. Then, you can listen to music comfortably without Wifi.


Soundcloud is one of the popular online platforms for music in the world, which  started its official operation in 2008. It aims to serve a wide range of audiences for different purposes such as posting, storing, and sharing music files, etc. 

With many choices of musicians as well as singers, Soundcloud acts as a channel connecting music listeners with a wide range of music products. By this way, it helps new musicians bring songs to the public and receive feedback on that song.

Hình ảnh có liên quan×848.jpeg

The free version helps you listen to music from most freelance artists. The paid version supports the music of many famous artists. Most users choose SoundCloud to search for new and independent artists.

Soundcloud is suitable for both Android and IOS. However, people often think that downloading music on Soundcloud for iPhone is more complicated than doing on other operating systems. 

In the case of using IOS, you can find several applications supporting music downloads on Soundcloud in an extremely convenient and simple way. For example, SoundDownloader is one of the most popular and user-friendly applications. 

To listen to music offline on Soundcloud, we need to:

  • Download and install this application to your iPhone device.
  • Open the application. Click the Menu button located on the top left. You can find the song by entering keywords in the search box at the top of the selection list.
  • Click to open the song or in the search page click the arrow button to download the file to the phone. A  download process is completed quickly after that.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is Google’s music service, so it is a popular app on millions of devices in recent years.

It  is undoubtedly one of the most useful applications on Android with generous benefits for both paid and free users.. 

Google Play Music works anywhere, from the web to the iPhone. But it performs  especially well on Android, with integrated Google Assistant. Even if you are not connected, you can provide access for about six different people by registering for a paid account.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Google Play Music

The most impressive feature of this app is that you can upload p to 50 thousand songs to the server to play later. The free version allows you to play and listen to a variety of pre-arranged playlists,.

while the paid version offers many advantages such as uploading 35 million songs, listening to offline music, and no ads.

Google Play Music also gives you the option to download music for offline playback, so you will not miss any song even if you lose your internet signal. Note that this downloading method does not allow other applications to run together with the song.

  • Launch Google Play Music from the homepage or app store.
  • Navigate to the playlist, podcast or album you want to download.
  • Touch the download icon on the right side of the screen and the selected song will be downloaded to the device.


Like Spotify, Pandora has both a free and paid version. With Pandora Premium, you can listen to music without ads with a high sound quality, and create playlists with the “Add Similar Songs” function.

The free version is much more limited than that of Spotify, but that does not mean it is not worth your attention.

Basically, it only has one feature, which is Pandora radio based on your preferences. You can skip songs, listen to offline music and music on-demand, or customize your own playlist

Since September 2013, the company has removed the 40-hour music restriction every month for free accounts. Thus, there is now no restriction on the amount of music that unpaid users can listen to. 

The free option often comes with many limitations, but it is the best way to listen to your favorite songs without spending too much money.

Besides, Pandora lets you listen to music in offline mode on your Android device, without using a network connection.

  • Download Pandora app to your phone
  • Create a few playlists of your favorite songs and listen to it several times
  • Click the settings button at the top left of the application then select offline mode. Meanwhile, it will automatically download the four most played music lists.

Note: Connect your phone to Wifi so that the download and synchronization process is faster. After that process is over, you can listen to your favorite songs offline.

On the downside, Pandora is only available to citizens in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. If you do not live in these countries, you will need to use a smart DNS provider to access. Pandora has blocked users on VPN since 2007. Unfortunately, smart DNS providers are not cheap.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a digital music subscription service, which allows users to  listen to music online in the form of streaming or downloading. 

In the early stages, there were more than 30 million songs in the digital store of Apple Music.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Apple Music

This service is for everyone who pays $ 9.99 / month or family package (up to 6 people) with $ 14.99 / month for three months of the free trial.

Apple Music service will be available in a variety of operating system devices and platforms, including Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 8.4 and above), Apple Smartwatch, etc.

It is easy to build your offline music collection with Apple Music. 

  • Firstly, you need to download Apple Music to your device and register for an account. 
  • Then, access Settings and turn on Automatic Download. Now when you add anything to your library, it will be downloaded immediately and automatically to your device.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a reliable application that works as a multimedia music player. It allows you to listen to songs and albums from Amazon’s computer, phone, or cloud storage service.

This application also possesses an intuitive and easy to use interface. It provides different tabs to help users access different features and functions quickly. 

Besides, Amazon Music allows you to switch between ‘Cloud’ and ‘Computer’ with a simple click. You just need to log in or create an account to enjoy its powerful functions.

You can use the 30-day trial version of Amazon Music. Then, if you want to continue using this app, you must upgrade your account to experience the complete services.

With Amazon Music, you can easily access all your albums, songs, and playlists on your computer and in the cloud. If you have an unlimited account, you can download different songs to a local storage to listen without connecting to the Internet.

Firstly, download Amazon Music to your device and create an account. Then, launch this app and it will automatically add the tracks available in iTunes, Windows Media Player to you. 

In addition, you can play all your music libraries from the same location. 

What’s more? In just a few seconds, you can open the program to play your favorite music file.

Slacker Radio

If you are passionate about songs or sweet melodies, you absolutely should not ignore the brilliant application called Slacker Radio. It is a free music service that can help users have a fascinating music life. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Slacker Radio

This smart app allows users to create folders that include specific songs or artists, thereby expanding the display range of similar songs and characters. This helps you to know many other songs or singers of your favorite genre.

This is an eye-catching Metro app with good radio suggestions, artist information, music album reviews, and lyrics. All information is clearly displayed.

Slacker Radio for Android allows users to create a private station of up to millions of songs for easy management. The software can remember and save favorite channels for users to search and listen to music quickly. 

Besides, users can download music tracks for  offline listening without a wifi connection. You need to download this app and create an account. Then, search for your favorite song and click the download button to listen offline later.

Slacker Radio is very suitable for users who love listening to music while performing other tasks. Besides, users can customize the number of songs or artists singers randomly at any folder.


Listening to music is one of many people’s interests, which helps your mind relax after hours of study and work. So do not let things like service fees prevent your pleasure. 

Find and enjoy your favorite songs with the top 8 best free offline music apps introduced in the article above.


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