Ghost Stories Anime- List of the Best Ones Which You Can Watch!

ghost stories anime

Introduction of Ghost Stories Anime

Anime Ghost Stories Have consistently been mainstream in the realm of anime. We love the stunning combination of extraordinary anime characters soaked in the creepiness of a past horror story. There are different Ghost Stories Anime which you can watch.

Is it accurate to say that you are likewise Ghost Stories Anime? Here is a rundown of the best Ghost Stories Anime, which you can watch and appreciate!


Few out of every odd Ghost Stories Anime must be about fierce killings or creepy hauntings. Some arrangements can create delightful and awful emotions, just like the case with Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

Rather than going through the mid-year occasions with companions or voyaging, Jinta Yadomi remains at home and plays computer games. At some point, his beloved companion, Menma, out of nowhere shows up and annoys him to allow an overlooked wish. He disregards her — which bothers Menma significantly more. Be that as it may, Jinta couldn’t care less. All things considered, Menma kicked the bucket years back.

At first, crediting his locating to the extraordinary warmth, Jinta before long understands that he’s observing his beloved companion. When Menma bites the dust, Jinta and the remainder of the posse can’t deal with the misfortune and become separated. Presently they should meet up to let Menma’s soul go. Yet, would they be able to persevere through the agony and blame that accompanies such an overwhelming assignment?

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Anohana is the anime that numerous fans go to when they need a decent cry. It is about a gathering of cherished companions that floated away from one another after the passing of their mutual companion, at that point when that dead companion returns as a ghost, sentiments are revealed. Despite the fact that its practical characters and outstanding content convey this anime, it just has one ghost, and it is an entirely charming one. So it appeared as though the ideal end top of our best 20 ghost anime arrangement.

19­ – Hanada Shounen-shi

Ichiro Hanada is an inconsiderate youthful hooligan that starts quarrel and nitpicks his mom. In any case, after being hit by a truck, he recoups with the capacity to see the ghosts of the as of late dead who can’t proceed onward. Presently, it is up to him as a medium to support them.

18 – The Young Spirit Master

Abe no Masahiro is the grandson of a renowned Spirit Master. Yet he has tragically deceased his capacity to detect spirits. In any case, on the chance, he runs into a Mononoke that he can see, not realizing that their association is all piece of his granddad’s arrangement to stir his actual potential.

17 – Kitarou no Gegege

Kitarou is a ghost who spends his existence in the wake of death, helping people that need his abilities. He likewise invests his energy battling deceitful spirits that try to torment humankind. Regardless of being more seasoned and focused on a more youthful crowd. On the off chance that you like customary Japanese yokai legend. The anime arrangement and motion pictures wind up being a pleasant watch.

16 – Kaidan Restaurant

You may anticipate that this anime should be about a spooky café. Yet rather, it is told in three sections, an hors d’oeuvre, entrée, and dessert, maybe. The initial two pieces of every scene are about the unusual and frightening things that encompass an ordinary 6th grader and her companions. The last part of the scene is an irregular ghost story drawn from around the globe told by the previously mentioned 6th grader.

15 – Another

Following an understudy’s demise decades prior, Class 3-3 has consistently needed to bear a revile where understudies start biting the dust in a steady progression. To battle it, the understudies presently play it safe. Yet nobody expected another student from another school this year.

In spite of the fact that it is difficult to give a legitimate synopsis without ruining things. Another presents a once in a while unpleasant ghost story with a genuine inclination for shocking bloodbaths.

14 – Ghost Hound

In Ghost Hound, three young men with awful pasts let their spirits cross into the Unseen World where ghost lie. In any case, it appears ghosts are presently ready to cross into the Apparent World. With differing impacts that send these young men on a journey to disentangle the secret.

13 – Kekkaishi

Yoshimura Sumimura originates from a long queue of Kekkaishi, the individuals who utilize powerful capacities to crush insidious Ayakashi spirits. Together with his cherished companion with an adversary tribe, they endeavor to secure their old neighborhood.

In the event that you are worn out on more slow-paced ghost anime arrangement, Kekkaishi and its activity situated shounen kind keep things intriguing with a great deal of quick-paced battles.

12 – Ghost Stories

Satsuki and Keiichirou Miyanoshita move back to their mom’s old neighborhood after her appalling passing. It is there that the kin discovers that their mom expelled various ghosts from the old school building. However, out of nowhere, they are on the whole beginning to return once more. It is up to Satsuki and her new companions alongside her mom’s diary to seal them away once more.

This is one anime that you ought to view name regardless of where you remain on the subbed versus named banter. They had a great deal of enjoyment with it, and it turns a “meh” anime into one that is very interesting.

11 – Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Ryousuke Hazuki stops by a neighborhood bloom shop one day and quickly experiences passionate feelings for the lovely proprietor. With an end goal to draw nearer to her, he finds a low maintenance line of work at the shop. Things are working out positively for a short time until one day he discovers the ghost of her dead spouse is living in her condo and no one, but he can see him. With her significant other determinedly not having any desire to proceed onward, keeping the blossom retailer stuck before, an odd relationship shapes between a man, a lady, and another man that no one but he can see.

10 – Ghost Slayers Ayashi

While remotely, they are an association committed to the investigation of outside books, the Bansha Aratemesho is an association that really battle Yoi, otherworldly beasts that periodically assault Edo. This is the story about odd profound animals around Japan and the similarly bizarre individuals who oppose them.

9 – Blue Exorcist

In Blue Exorcist, the universe of the evil spirits and the living universe is continually at war. At some point, the ordinary Rin Okumura is assaulted by evil spirits, where he discovers that his actual dad, Satan, needs to have his body so he can go to the opposite side. Denying him, Rin chooses to prepare as an exorcist to battle for the living.

8 – Bakemonogatari

In the wake of being spared from a vampire assault, secondary school understudy Koyomi Araragi discovers he has a few heavenly reactions. While attempting to carry on with an ordinary life, he winds up getting a cohort subsequent to tumbling down the stairs and discovers she is close to weightless. While essentially encompassing devils and divine beings’ stories, there is an entire slew of heavenly creatures inside, including spirits.

7 – Hell Girl

Damnation Gill tells the story of Ai Enma, a young lady who completes solicitations of retribution made on an uncommon site open just at 12 PM. While commendable for its dreadfulness alone, Hell Girl prevails in the manner in which it exhibits its ethical decisions. So make sure to watch this Ghost Stories Anime!

6 – Mokke

This is the story of two sisters. Shizuru has the ability to see spirits while Mizuki has the unnatural proclivity to get spooky by them. Disappointed by their forces, their folks send them out to the nation to live with their grandparents. There the two sisters gain proficiency with the significance of both existing together with nature and the spirits.

5 – Ghost Hunt

Mai Taniyama is a green bean in secondary school and appreciates recounting ghost stories with her companions. One day she hears a ghost story about the old school building and chooses to look at it. There she finds a camera and, in a spot of destiny, winds up breaking it. It appears the camera had a place with Shibuya Kazuya, a senior in secondary school, and a full-time paranormal examination. So as to repay her obligation, Mai turns into his collaborator.

Try not to be tricked by the Reason that sounds suspiciously like Ouran High School Host Club, Ghost Hunt, effectively one of the most mainstream ghost-related anime arrangements out there. In addition to the fact that it presents some precise ghost chasing information, yet it can reveal to some unpleasant stories.

It appears that riddle and the paranormal go inseparably, as everyone drives those influenced to find the reality behind them. The powerful anime Ghost Hunt brings out these equivalent feelings.

At the point when secondary school understudy Mai Taniyama meets 17-year-old Kazuya Shibuya, an analyst from Shibuya Psychic Research examining paranormal exercises at Mai’s school, major trouble rises to the surface.

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Mai coincidentally thumps over a portion of Kazuya’s hardware and is spared by his aide, Lin. Sadly, Lin gets harmed simultaneously and can never again help Kazuya. Presently without assistance, the youthful investigator requests Mai to become his new associate. All through the arrangement, Mai and Kazuya, alongside other powerful agents, illuminate other ghost-related secrets.

Ghost Hunt has a few plots, going from cheerful scenes too frightening hauntings to a few bounce alarms. In any case, the bad dream calculates possibly the most important factor, one specific circular segment, where the reprobate copycats the deplorable wrongdoings of Vlad the Impaler and Elizabeth Báthory. 

4 – Mononoke

Mononoke follows the story of a man, just known as the Medicine Seller. Be that as it may, it isn’t prescription he sells, yet instead he ventures medieval Japan freeing towns of noxious spirits called Mononoke. In any case, so as to murder each soul he experienced, he should initially get familiar with its Form, Truth, and it’s Reason.

While so expressive it every so often verges on peculiar. This brilliant anime is a phenomenal method to find out about conventional Japanese spirits.

3 – xxxHolic

Causing him a deep sense of embarrassment, Kimihiro Watanuki can see spirits. One day he ends up bafflingly brought into an abnormal house where he meets Yuuki. She asserts she can free him of his blessing – at a cost. He should work at her shop that awards wish to a wide exhibit of strange and magnificent individuals in return. This is one of the most popular Ghost Stories Anime.

Albeit, in the same way as other CLAMP arrangements, xxxHolic is viewed as a chick anime, it presents a one of a kind story with a great exhibit of intriguing characters.

2 – Mushishi

In this world, spirits called Mushi to go unnoticed by most people. Be that as it may, besides essentially existing, Mushi can likewise impersonate things from the living scene like plants or sicknesses. Ginko is a man that movements around looking into Mushi and taking care of the issues they cause, attempting to unwind the significance of their reality.

Albeit moderate moving, philosophical, and with meager discourse, Mushishi has a method for attracting watchers and showing them an insightful and delightfully vivified world. While not as activity pressed as other ghost anime, the idea conjuring environment of Mushishi merits the watch.

1 – Natsume Yuujichou

For whatever length of time that he can recollect, Takashi Natsume has had the option to see spirits. A force that has kept him from making genuine companions. One day he discovers that he has this capacity in view of the Book of Friends left to him by his grandma. This book ties spirits to the proprietor. Presently it is up to Natsume to return them all. This makes it one of the most interesting Ghost Stories Anime, which you can watch.

While not dramatic or even unpleasant, Natsume Yuujichou takes the top spot not just in light of the fact that it is enjoyable to watch between its equalization of story and comedic outtakes. Yet it truly gives you a comprehension of every fascinating specter engaged with the show. With magnificent character improvement, you truly get a feeling of development all through. This anime accomplishes something you don’t regularly get. It makes you feel OK with the way that spirits may encompass you.