Home Renovation: The Best Right Angle Drill For Your Next Project

Home Renovation: The Best Right Angle Drill

Right angle drills are a cross between a screwdriver and a compact hand drill. It’s a power-packing tool in a small and lightweight design. This drill can fit into awkward or tight spaces, ideal for drilling holes or placing screws in complicated designs.

By now, you might be thinking of buying the best right angle drill for your next home renovation project. Continue reading to know nine models you should consider using.


The best right angle drill should give its users no problem in reaching awkward places, and the DWARA100 by DEWALT aims to let you achieve that goal.

This drill comes with a unique ergonomic ABS plastic handle that’s comfortable and easy to grip. Also, this component doesn’t get hot even when drilling for hours.

The DWARA100 also comes with a rung magnet supporting fasteners to give the device better holding power. Thus, you shouldn’t experience drill or screw bits flying from the device (which would otherwise cause accidents).

Makita DA3010F

Many right-angle drills on the market carry compact designs to appease DIY enthusiasts in remodeling various areas of the house. Makita’s DA3010F is no exception to that rule.

This right angle drill comes with a 10-5/8-inch body and a 2-5/8-inch head. These figures translate to a portable solution for framing studs and other close-quarter drilling applications.

Aside from being a compact power tool, the DA3010F also has a 4 AMP motor, which might surprise some users since the entire device only weighs about 3.5 lbs.

This model also comes with a paddle switch for added security. This part has a limiting dial to help prevent over-tightening fasteners. Accompanying this component is an integrated clutch to reduce the risk of gear damage.

Finally, the Makita DA3010F has a built-in LED to help illuminate dark areas in the work area. This feature is ideal for working with dim nooks and crannies.


One element that separates the DCD740C1 from other right-angle drills on the market is its cordless design. Make no mistake as corded drills can still help you with many DIY projects, but if you want to work without the device snagging on a short cord, then this right angle drill should be on your shopping list.

First, it has a 20V battery, which allows users to use the device for hours before it needs to recharge. The drill also comes with a variable speed feature with two settings. So, you can use the tool with a low-torque and high-speed setting for doing simple tasks like drilling holes in plywood or driving screws. Conversely, you can use the drill’s high-torque and low-speed setting if you need that extra power to complete DIY jobs.

Aside from these characteristics, the DEWALT DCD740C1 also has a lightweight frame. All these traits lead to a portable right angle drill you can bring with you in many DIY home renovation situations.

Makita AD02W

Another cordless right angle drill to make this list is the Makita AD02W. While other drills boast of a lightweight design, this model takes it one step further. The entire unit only weighs about 2.5 lbs., so you shouldn’t find it stressful to wield the device for long hours.

It also comes with a built-in LED to illuminate work areas. You can also use this feature to shine a dark area where your desk lamp’s light doesn’t reach. Furthermore, the ergonomic barrel grip comes with a rubberized material for added comfort and support to the operator.

However, some DIY home renovation enthusiasts might not like this drill’s battery life. Unlike other drills that can carry a 20V battery, the AD02W only has a 12V-capacity cell. This power capacity means that this model might not be ideal for some professional applications. But if you’re looking for a compact and lightweight cordless right angle drill that can give you quick drilling and screwing applications, then consider the Makita AD02W.

Milwaukee 2615-20

The Milwaukee 2615-20 delivers 125-inch-per-pound of torque and a maximum of 1,500 revolutions per minute (RPM). These figures translate to a powerful right angle drill in a compact 4-lb. frame.

It’s a bit heavier than other models on this list, but the 4-lb. design shouldn’t bother many home remodelers too much.

Furthermore, this drill comes with the brand’s signature REDLINK technology. This tech allows all the components of the tool to communicate with each other. Thus, you can use the tool’s optimum performance without overloading the unit accidentally.

Additionally, this drill comes with 12 speed settings, which make it a flexible choice for different home renovation applications, like piecing together a work desk to building a king-sized bed frame.

Take note that some buyers might find it disappointing to see that the battery doesn’t come with this cordless unit’s package. Buying the battery pack is an extra cost, but you may get excellent value for your money when you can get this right angle drill running.

Neiko 10529A

Individuals looking for an inexpensive option to help them renovate their homes should consider buying the Neiko 10529A. This right angle drill has a variable speed option and a forward-reverse switch. The latter feature is excellent for driving and removing screws.

Its low price has a few cons, however. This device comes with some low- to mid-quality components that can wear out fast with constant use. However, this model makes up for its lack of quality with brute force.

Users may find it satisfying to use its variable speed feature that can go as fast as 1,400 RPM. This inexpensive yet powerful drill also carries a modest 3.2-lb. weight, which makes it not too heavy or too light.

Bosch PS11-101

Specific right angle drill models on the market only carry one LED to help illuminate workspaces. But if you need extra brightness to shine on dark areas, consider using the Bosch PS11-101.

This model has two LED lights to help brighten shadowed areas better than other right angle drills. Moreover, these lights are articulate, which means you can control the direction in which these LEDs shine their light on your workspace.

Power is in this tiny package as this compact right angle drill only weighs 2.75 lbs. while delivering a maximum of 1,300 RPM speeds. Albeit it’s not as fast as other more powerful drills in this list, it can still do a fantastic job drilling holes and driving screws in tight spaces. This tool even comes with a pivoting head that you can lock in five different positions.

Finally, the PS11-101 has a built-in fuel gauge so you’ll know when to recharge the battery. However, this component may also be this device’s biggest drawback. If you need to replace the battery pack, it’s quite challenging to remove the part from its shell. Fortunately, you may only need to do this task once every few years, or more frequently if you use this portable power tool a lot.

Milwaukee 2708-22

The Milwaukee 2708-22 right angle drill provides ease of use and versatility to its users. Its maximum 1,200 RPM speed might not be on par with some of the other drills on this list or the market. Still, this power is appropriate for several drilling and screw-driving applications.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of this drill is the brand’s POWERSTATE brushless motor. Unlike brushed models, the use of a brushless motor means its internal gears don’t grind against each other, which would otherwise reduce the lifespan of the product.

Moreover, the brushless motor provides the unit with a constant and flexible power output even when using this model in heavy-duty scenarios. The 2708-22 also comes with a battery that slides into its container easily.

However, you need to exert more muscle when wielding this device. Make no mistake as this model is no lightweight right angle drill. Its total weight is about 19 lbs., and that figure makes this drill three to five times heavier than most of the other items on this list.

Makita DA3010F

One look at the Makita DA3010F and you might feel that the device comes with a limiting feature—its cord. This corded right angle drill may limit your mobility when you want to work in different spaces. For instance, you want to drive screws on the hinges of your bedroom door, but the power outlet is far from the entryway. So, you might need to use a traditional screwdriver for this job.

But this tool’s other features can make up for this drawback. First, it has an LED light that helps illuminate dark workspaces. Next, the DA3010F comes equipped with a detachable handle to give its users superior control when drilling holes or driving screws in tight spaces.

This model also has a speed limiter to stop the device in order to prevent over-tightening fasteners. Also, this feature makes it possible to use this right angle drill with one hand.


The right-angle drills mentioned in this post are all excellent power tools for accomplishing different home renovation tasks. Pick the best drill that suits your specific home remodeling needs. Also, you must select the right model that fits your budget. You don’t want to go over your spending allowance for the purchase of one power tool.