How Can Miami Boating Accident Lawyers Come to Your Rescue after an Accident

Miami Boating Accident

How Can Miami Boating Accident Lawyers Come to Your Rescue after an Accident. Boating is something most people love and enjoy. With Miami being the boating destination, there are virtually thousands of boats at sea on any sunny day. Boating accidents are common in the crowded waters off the Miami coast.  If you’ve been in an unfortunate boating accident, you need to contact Miami boating accident lawyers immediately to take up your case and get the compensation you deserve.

Inform the Authorities

Of course, you would have called for medical help if your injuries are severe, and someone on the boat would have called for an ambulance and the coast guard as well. It is mandatory to report a boating accident within 48 hours of its occurrence. Even swimmers or kayakers in Miami could get injured in a boating accident, and they are eligible for compensation if the other party was negligent.

Boating Accidents are Common in Florida

With 966,266 vessels registered in Florida as per the count in 2019, Florida tops the list. Add to this the non-registered one million-odd boats, and you have enough vessels to cause collisions in midsea, besides other causes.

Here’s how boating accident lawyers in Miami can help get the rightful claim:

Determine the Cause of Boating Accidents

Boating accidents occur due to several reasons. While drunken sailing is a common cause, inexperienced sailors at the helm are also responsible for severe accidents that result in broken bones, back and brain injuries, and death.

When a drunk boater crashes into your vessel, they can be held responsible for damages, and Miami boating accident lawyers will help you fight the case in the courtroom and get you the compensation you deserve.

They don’t charge you any consultation fees and usually take up cases on a no win no fee basis. They will investigate the accident and discuss the case with you to establish whether the boat operator flouted any rules. Failure to follow the rules, and if the resulting errors cause an accident, the boat operator is held responsible for negligence.

Filing a Lawsuit to Claim Compensation

Most injury lawsuits for boating accidents revolve around the inexperience or inattention of the operator. Such irresponsible actions of the operator are considered “negligence,” and as the injured party, you can file a lawsuit to claim damages from them.

Even if another boat rammed your vessel, you are still entitled to compensation, though you need to prove the other party was responsible for the accident. Miami boating accident lawyers have handled many such cases and know how to establish their guilt and ensure that you get the compensation due to you. Your lawyer will fight on the following grounds:

  • It is the bounden duty of the operator to ensure your safety
  • The operator failed in their duty
  • The breach of duty by the operator was responsible for your injuries
  • The injuries sustained are liable for damages, and compensation is due

The Miami courts take up several boating injury cases each year, and you should entrust your case to a competent lawyer who will stand by you and ensure you win the compensation claim. More often than not, the operator’s duty is defined as what the operator needs to have done as per the laws governing such accidents.

Your lawyers will help you prove in the courtroom that the operator failed their duty, resulting in the injuries you suffered. Most boating accident cases in Miami tend to settle before going to court.

In such cases, your lawyer will do some intelligent negotiation to ensure you get fair compensation. However, if you try to negotiate yourself, the opposite party and the insurers can convince you to settle for less than what you actually deserve. Hence, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced lawyer.

Summing it Up

A day of exciting boating along the serene waterways of Miami can turn tragic by accident. If you or your loved ones experience an unfortunate accident at sea, you need to contact boating accident lawyers in Miami immediately to take up your case.