How can realtors use custom retro viewers and 3D models to rope in potential clients?

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Online 3D assets are becoming a rage in almost every industry. Ranging from real estate, automotive, footwear to fashion, furniture, and technology, 3D images and custom-made reels on retro viewers take the breath away of users and how they interact with the systems.

Like AR/VR platforms have become the staple for the game industry and are already extending their reach to innovate user experience for other industries, 3D stock images, models, reels, and retro viewers are also leveling up the playing field of online product browsing. Client-wooing and retention work really well with such viewers and 3D models and images using a custom 3D viewer, especially during the viral pandemic when visiting the brick-mortar stores are highly inadvisable.

Some fantastic results of integrating 3D models and stock images to your website:

The industry experts hailing from various niches report several excellent results that 3D images, models, and other elements have brought for their websites once they have carefully integrated such. Let’s take a profound look at some of those intriguing results.

  • Higher conversion rates and driving qualified traffic to the websites is something that 3D models and images are doing fantastically.
  • Enhancement of user engagement and user interaction is mostly responsible for integrated 3D models and pictures.
  • Shorter sales cycles are also some of the undoubted benefits of integrating 3D models and images on your website.
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As a result, custom retro-viewers will also come into play and influence clients and prospects positively.

How can realtors leverage retro viewers and 3D models to pursue clients?

Realtors and real estate agents are currently suffering a lot from the COVID-19 pandemic and its backlash. With property construction halted for a significant period, customers have also stopped buying new properties and inspecting others in-person with a motive to purchase them. In such cases, the business continuity and thriving of the industry face a massive-sized question mark.

3D viewers are potentially the next great gift that realtors and real estate agents offer their prospective clients!

A custom retro viewer is one such tech offering that will ensure the realtors and real estate agents leave their mark on their clients.

Custom retro viewers are powerful client-wooing tools

With a custom retro viewer, you can achieve the following:

  • Use personalized photos of the prospect’s residential premises and say thank you to them before you hand out their estates and properties
  • Create a showcase using the images from some of the best properties and keep them in their offices to impress any incoming viewer
  • You can even leverage a retro viewer to highlight the achievements of sales and records at trade-shows and industry expos
  • A surprise anniversary gift to the clients- yes, your retro viewer can be used to create this as well!


A 3D viewer is a unique way for realtors and real estate agents to reach their clients’ hearts. These retro viewers help them to personalize the customer experience and light up their faces with a smile. They will also ensure to act as a memento of your service and a nice keepsake in their homes for the years to come.

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