How Do You Set Up PS4 Remote Play On a Mac or PC?

PS4 Remote

If you’re a gamer and thinking if you could play your favorite RPG, online casino games, or casual games on your Mac or PC, then you’re in luck! A feature called ‘remote-play’ that Sony introduced to their console is available for all Playstation 4 or 5 players.

This functionality is presently accessible on the PS4 for those who possess the PS4 and have access to various other consoles and computers in their home. You can play your PS4 games on a Vita, PS TV, PC, or a chosen mobile device utilizing the appropriately titled program that does exactly what it says.

Although the procedure is simple, it does need some initial setup and setting. The good news is that we’ve put up a quick tutorial with some basic suggestions for people who want to use Remote Play.

How Does Remote Play Work?

PlayStation 4 Remote Play, which allows users to stream their PlayStation 4 system from anywhere in the globe, has long been better than Xbox One’s Remote Play feature. Use the PlayStation Vita portable device, PS TV set-top box or mobile applications, or desktop software for Windows and macOS computers to access the service. 

It wasn’t all good news for Xbox One owners. The Xbox app was the only way to stream to a Windows PC before the launch of Xbox Remote Play. Streaming was also restricted to the local network, which was a problem. In a positive light, this in-house lockdown ensured a high level of productivity. 

The disadvantage of using a remote service is that it causes lag. As a first impression, it appears like PS4 owners are just streaming their console over the local network. This makes Microsoft’s local service a little more reliable, even if the console is linked with an Ethernet cable. 

The following are some general guidelines for using PS4 Remote Play to its full potential: 

  • Connect through Ethernet if possible. 
  • To accommodate wireless devices, the 5GHz band should be utilized. 
  • For optimal wireless performance, keep all devices as near as possible to the router. 

PS4 Remote Play Setup Guide (Console) 

Step 1:

  • Enter the PlayStation 4’s Settings menu.
  • Choose Remote Play Connection Settings.
  • Click Save.
  • You must tick the box next to Enable Remote Play. 

Step 2: Select Account Management from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Register as your primary PS4 is the third step. 

Step 4: On the next screen, click Activate. When you do this, you’re telling Sony’s servers that your PS4 will now be the host for streaming games to any connected Sony Entertainment Network device. 

Step 5: Return to the main Settings panel and click on Power Save Settings in the left-hand column. 

Step 6: Set features available in rest mode 

Step 7: Keep Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning on PS4 Network are two options that must be checked (enabled). A remote client can switch on the PS4 in Rest Mode using these settings. 

Now that you’ve set up your PS4 as a streaming server on the PlayStation Network, you can proceed to set up the “client” devices. The PS4 must be online and signed into the PlayStation Network to link client devices and stream games.

Windows and macOS Remote Play

The use of third-party controllers is prohibited on both Windows and macOS. Only the DualShock 4 is compatible with PS4 Remote Play on the PS4. A controller linked to the console cannot be streamed to a Mac or Windows PC; you must connect the controller to the PC. 

Step 1: Remote Play desktop software must be downloaded and installed. 

Step 2: Set up DualShock and connect

Step 3: Wait for PS4 Remote Play to update if necessary. 

Step 4: Log in to the PlayStation Network that uses the Sony Entertainment Network account you used to sign in to your PS4. When PS4 Remote Play initiates a session, the console will immediately wake up once the first pairing occurs.


Using a Windows 10 PC or a Mac will show the PlayStation Home screen. If it doesn’t work, try these steps to fix the problem: 

Step 1: Connect the Windows 10 PC or Mac to the same network as the PlayStation 4. 

Set up a remote play connection on your PS4 by going to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings. 

Step 3: Click on Add Device. It will take 300 seconds for the screen to generate a unique code. 

Step 4: In PS4 Remote Play, click Manually Register on your Windows 10 PC or Mac. As an alternative, if you see a Settings button, click it and then click the Change button next to the Change PS4 to Connect To option. 

Step 5: When prompted, enter the one-time code.

Final Thoughts

This feature is convenient for players who want to play on their PC or Mac monitors with their Ps4 or Ps5. Though this may consume a large amount of data and require a fast connection, there is no denying that the Remote Play feature is revolutionary for gamers.