How many Pokémon are there and Their Various Types

how many pokemon are there

How Many Pokemon are there and more Details!

Have you ever wondered how many Pokemon are there in the entire Pokemon universe? Click here to learn more, the answer to this is a bit complex as there are constant changes and additions in the list. Furthermore, as far as the Pokedex is concerned, there are around 893 pokemon. The continuous new names are involved in the series make it challenging to keep track of every one that ever existed in the popular Anime.

Types and Classification 

Every Pokemon is unique and have their characteristics. This makes it difficult to put them all in the same category. That is why they are divide into various types that helps us to understand them better. Here we will discuss some details about all the different types of Pokemon and their types. This will help us to analyze and calculate how many Pokemon are there in the Anime.


how many pokemon are there

This type of Pokemon is aggressive, and they have some temper issues as well. They have a strong and robust built as compared to the rest of the creatures. They are strong against steel, dark, and similar types of Pokemon. However, they are weak against flying and poison types of Pokemon. visit here 



There are lovely flying creatures that rule the sky—they expertise in wind and air attacks. You spot a lot of flying creatures that are used in the first season of that Anime. They look beautiful as they soar the sky, but at the same time, they are a bit difficult to catch as compared to the other types of Pokemon.



They are the deadly type that has the power and wraith of venom in them. They are solid against the grass and fairy types of Pokemon. Moreover, they can be weak against their own class as well. There are many creatures that fall under this category.


This type is the most commonly seen Pokemon that you can find. They are also widely available and visible in all the series as well as all the games of this anime. In case you are wondering how many creatures are there, you should know that most of the creatures are of ground type only.


Strong and build and hard against all odds! Rock type is one of Pokemon’s most substantial kinds that you can find in the world of this popular Anime. As you can recall, the show’s main character “Brock” had most of the creatures of this type only. This type was found in the caves and the dark corners of the world as they are a bit anti-social as compared to the rest of the classes.



If you ever walk across the garden or any forest. You will defiantly come across this fantastic type that is called a bug. As the name suggests, they have abilities that are similar to a bug. They can sting or but and can even fly in a low-lying form. They are strong against grass and dark types. Furthermore, they are also known to be swift and agile because of their shape and size.


They are the mysterious ones! The ghost ones are usually found in the dark and shady parts of their fantasy world. Hence, they can be a bit hard to find. If one can recall the first season of the show, then there are a few instances when some of the Pokemon of this type appeared. Moreover, they are strong against the ghost and psychic types.


Many people confuse this type with the fighting or rock type. However, all of these types are strong and robust in nature. They are found in the mountain and mining regions of their world. Moreover, they give a tough and fair fight to the fighting types. However, they are weak against water types. So keep an eye out for them! 



They are one of the most fierce types of Pokemon that are available in the universe of Pokemon. They are angry and always ready to attack types of creatures. For example, Charizard had a particular issue with his attitude as well. They can be hard to find. Moreover, they can cause a bit of trouble as well when you go to catch them.


how many Pokémon are there

A significant type out of all kinds is Water. In case you are wondering how many Pokemon are there in the universe. Then you should know that many pokemon fall under this category. Majorly found in lakes, rivers, or oceans. As the name suggests, they are related to the world of water. Moreover, they are lovely against the fire type as they can cause them a decent amount of damage.


The grass is a common type of Pokemon that can be found almost everywhere. In every journey that goes through a garden or a forest. You will easily find one of the grass types of Pokemon wandering around. Moreover, they are useful against water and rock types.


They are a popular type of Pokemon that are known for their electrical powers. They are strong against the steel type. Moreover, they are fast and can stun their opponents easily. Some of the trainers keep this type of Pokemon only. They can help you to win with some fights against the steel and wind types as they stun the opponent very well. However, they may be a bit against the fire and rock types.m 



They are a mysterious type of Pokemon that are brilliant in mind reading and para-normal activities. They are one of the most popular creatures types that are available in the series. Thye have some unique powers that no other style can have. This may give them an upper hand on several occasions. Moreover, if they in their full-form. Catch them to make your trainer game strong! 


All ones that fall under this category are found in places that have significantly, very high temperatures. Moreover, they are robust against the dragon and flying types. Furthermore, they have the ability to freeze and numb the opponent as well. They are a bit hard to catch.  



Named after the mythical creature that breathes fire. They share somewhat the same characteristics as the dragon. However, they have fantastic flying skills. Also, they can attack with some fire too. They are vast and robust in their built.


Just as the name suggests, they are some cool ones with some unique superficial powers. They have various mysterious powers that help them to fight vigorously against all types of Pokemon. Moreover, they are somewhere in between the dragon and dark types of Pokemon. They have magical abilities through which they can defeat a large number of Pokemon. A major drawback of them is that they are a rare type.


how many pokemon are there

Dark ones are usually tough to tame and control. That is why there are not many creatures that fall under this category. Even if they do, they won’t be much visible as you cannot do much to catch them. However, they are wonderful to use against most of the types. Despite being hard to find, a lot of trainers want to catch them! 

More Details 

The types above are only divided on the basis of their characteristic. Keep in mind that many Pokemon and their types are based on the generations that they belong to. Hence, if you ask how many Pokemon are there, you must understand the vast universe. Along with the types, one has to keep the generations of the creatures as well.

After the generations and types, you also have to look at the various evolution types that these Pokemon have. Every one of them has sooner or later evolve in their higher-grade version. Evolution makes the Pokemon stronger and better. However, when this can happen is uncertain. We hope now you know how many Pokemon are there and the different types of Pokemon. Make sure to watch the re-run of the series to refresh the anime memories. 

Along with the anime series, it also has a huge gaming fan base. Moreover, there are many hardcore fans of anime games that play only this game. To play this game better, you can understand the various types and their strong points. Make sure to keep your set of pokemon versatile to win! 

Pokemon Go 

how many pokemon are there

One such example of a game related to Pokemon is Pokemon Go (developed by Niantic). This game caught up like wildfire, and almost every teenager had it. In this game, you had to play like an active player. The game gave you a map and was operated through your camera. The camera used to depict where the creatures are in real life. And you had to catch them. This game made a lot of pokemon fans happy. Even today, a lot of people can be seen wandering on the streets. Or in a garden to catch them all! 

We hope now you know the various types of Pokemon now. Keep watching the amazing show and play games! Go and catch them all!