How Music Affects Your Gaming Experience

Music Affects Your Gaming Experience

Music plays a major part in every gaming experience. But does it have a positive or negative influence on your gaming abilities? It is time to find out the answer to this crucial question!..

Music, Gaming, and Everything in Between

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “Without music, life would be a mistake” – and this quote can be applied in a variety of aspects of our lives, the entertainment industry included.

Almost every movie and game you encounter have different types of music that are designed to make your experience more enjoyable.

Games, especially, rely heavily on music to draw you in and keep you hooked for a long while. Music is implemented in your gaming experience in multiple ways: first, there are sound effects, which make the games more realistic.

Music is also used as inspiration to create new games since there are lots of players who love nothing more than being a part of a pretend band or playing casino games inspired by their favourite artists.

In addition to that, you have soundtrack music, which controls the mood of the game. In video games, that type of music will get your heart rate up at the right moments, and when it comes to gambling, the best soundtrack in online pokies games will affect how much money you’ll be willing to bet on at different stages of the game.

Last but not least, some gamers can’t enjoy their gaming session without an energetic playlist to get them amped-up. 

But while gamers often prefer listening to music as they play, is music beneficial to their success and immersion levels? It is time to look at what experts have to say.

Once and For All: Is Music for Your Gaming Experience?

Surprisingly enough, various studies that target this specific question yielded different results. Let’s take a look at what experts have to say!

In a study published by Aikaterini Ganiti in 2017, 77.78% out of 18 participants preferred to play video games with the music on, as it improved their mood. However, it was discovered that music hindered the player’s performance. If the music’s tempo increased rapidly, it made it harder for the players to react to the changing scenarios on the screen.

The improved mood can be explained by the fact music can take a two-dimensional scene and turn it into a realistic experience. Music can increase your levels of immersion in the game, so much so that you will have trouble refocusing on the real world once you’re done with your gaming session.

However, it should be noted that in another study published in 2007, it was said that subjects who played first-person shooter games with the music on, scored more points than those who preferred to play without music. 

Additionally, in a study published in 2009, it was revealed that while playing racing games with the music on, people were more immersed and excited about the game. However, they also made the most mistakes.

When looking at all this contradictory data, it is clear that music might hurt your ability to get a high score as you play, but it certainly improves the overall enjoyment rates.

In Conclusion

So should you or shouldn’t you listen to music as you play video games or casino games? It depends on your goal: do you want to get the highest score possible? Or do you want to enjoy the experience and have some fun? Are you a professional gamer, or do you play for fun only?

There are pros and cons to playing with the music on, so at the end of the day, you need to decide what kind of gaming session you’re interested in having.