How to Choose an Animation Studio in Melbourne?

an Animation Studio

Melbourne hosts the Melbourne International Animation Festival, one of the largest of its type in the world. Around 350400 films are produced every year during this event. It also has a smaller version called Australian International Animation Festival. All of that goes to show the immense popularity of this method of movie-making. Most of those movies are made in animation studios by a team of specialists called animators. If you require an animated video for your business and are looking for a List of Melbourne’s best animation studios, there are some things you should consider. Since there is significant time and money involved, you should expect the best results. What are some ways to ensure that an Animation Studio? 

Do Some Research

Start by researching the most famous animation studios in Melbourne. Consider what it is that you want while doing that. For example, you could wish for an animated how-to, explainer video, training instructional, installation work, virtual reality and projection mapping. A single studio may or may not specialise in all of these. Having a list will make the task of choosing a studio easier for you in the long run. 

Ask Them for a Portfolio

Before selecting a particular company, you could request them for a portfolio. That will give you an idea of their work. Even if you don’t have any prior experience with animation, there are some things you should check. One of these is the number of videos available. The more the number, the greater the experience. Focus on the quality, too, along with the quantity. Check the clarity of the images and videos, film transitions and originality of the design. Are the voiceovers audible, and is the choice of music appropriate? Do they blend comfortably with the overall atmosphere of the video? If you are creating an explainer video, see if the company’s portfolio has something promising to offer in that regard. 

Consider the Budget

Animation videos in Melbourne will cost you anywhere between 3,000 AU$ to 50,000 AU$ for a one-minute video. Usually, 3D animation will be more expensive than 2D since it requires specialised software, lengthy creation, and complexity. You should consider your budgetary limitations before hiring an animation studio. It’s better to ask them beforehand about their charges and the reasons behind them. However, you should also know that high prices do not necessarily mean good quality. There could be studios that offer quality work at affordable rates. 

Which Software Do They Use?

The purpose of animation software is the generation of moving graphics from visual files. That is done on a frame-by-frame basis. Different programs allow you to animate 2D, 3D, manually created or computer-generated images. The type of software used by the developer will also determine the overall quality of the video. There are several different software available. Some popular ones in Australia and Melbourne are Adobe Character Animator, Autodesk Maya, Massive and Carrara. If you are unsatisfied with a particular software being used, ask them if they have an alternative. If they are limited in options, ask them why they prefer a particular one over others. 

Pay Attention to the Voiceover Quality

Voiceover quality deserves a separate mention since it’s so important. Voiceovers should always be done by someone with a strong command over genre and tone. The voice should express the emotion of the video. The accent should also conform to the audience. For example, if the video is directed towards Australians, it would be best if the artist had an Australian accent. 

Read the Testimonials

Before hiring an animation studio in Melbourne, you should check the testimonials. That will give you an idea of their reputation, work ethic and output. See what their ex-clients have to say about them. Join an animation forum or group and ask others for their input. You will also find the rating and reviews on a studio’s website. Go through them carefully before concluding. Any trustworthy animation company will provide this information unhesitatingly. 

These are some of the things you need to remember while searching for a list of Melbourne’s best animation studios. You must choose the right company that provides you with the best animations within your budget.