How to Clean Concrete Floors

Clean Concrete Floors

Do you want to learn the best ways to clean your concrete floors easily? Polishing concrete floors may be a grueling and scary task to do all together. However, that should not be the case. We are going to take you through some of the best ways to make your floors sparkling clean in a minute. In this blog, you will know How to Clean Concrete Floors.

Removing the dust and stains from a concrete floor requires the use of cleaning equipment like the vacuum or dry mop. Additionally, there are cleaning aids like bleach or ammonia, which will effectively remove the stains.

There are four standard types of cleaning solutions.

  • Acidic – most useful for outdoor concrete floors. They are mostly used to remove tough stains and rust. You should be more cautious when using them because they are toxic.
  • Enzymatic – They are used as neutralizers for the acidic cleaning solutions. They are degreasers and can be used for both interior and exterior floors.
  • Alkaline – these solutions break down the organic dirt, such as plants and animal waste.
  • pH neutral – used in the interior and decorative concrete floors 

Cleaning Outdoor Concrete Floor

Outdoor concrete Viper floor scrubbers are vulnerable to tougher stains and frequent dust. Therefore, they require a thorough cleaning to get rid of the dirt build-up.

There are diverse types of cleansers used to clean outdoor concrete floors, which have amazing results you will definitely love. For instance. Muriatic acid!

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You can use Muriatic acid to clean adamant stains on your floors like dried gout or rust. Muriatic acid is, however, toxic. You should, therefore, observe all the precautionary safety mechanisms when using it. 

Proceed with an alkaline cleaner after applying the acid to the floor. Alkaline cleaners neutralize the dirt and prevent the damage of the concrete through degradation.

Cleaning Indoor Concrete Floors

Indoor concrete floors require a much gentle approach when cleaning them. Unsealed concrete floors are porous and quickly get stained.

To avoid having a hard time cleaning indoor floors, make sure to remove the dirt, dust, and anything that may penetrate the concrete and stain it as soon as they drop on the floor’s surface.

For indoor floors, one can also use a vacuum or dry mop to remove dust. It does not require a thorough scrubbing like the outdoor concrete. Indoor concrete floors are always less prone to those stubborn stains and dirt caused by plants, animals, or weather elements.

Steps on how to clean

  • Mix the solution with water in a bucket. Depending on the strength of the solution, you may use half or quarter a cup of the detergent for each gallon of water.
  • Dampen the floors. You may do this using a hose or any other way you may find effective. Apply the solution on the floor and let it soak in the concrete for some time.
  • For outdoor concrete floors, start scrubbing the with a hard bristle broom while applying pressure on the broom to remove the tough stains. Indoor floors may be scratched when you apply a lot of pressure or use a hard brush. Hence, scrub them gently.
  • Use a hose to rinse off the floor and an edge crapper to clear water pools for quicker drying.
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