How to Clean Nespresso Machine- Easy Method and Important Tips

how to clean Nespresso machine

How to Clean Nespresso Machine

How to clean a Nespresso machine is a question that most machine owners often ask. Here, we are going to share with you some simple yet effective methods to clean the Nespresso machines. With these cleaning methods of the Nespresso machine, you can get amazing results and elongate your machine’s life as well. Before we know the best practices to clean out your Nespresso machine, let us know more about how the function first.

What is a Nespresso Machine?

Well, in brief, Nespresso machines are a bit different than regular espresso machines. Unlike traditional coffee machines, they make mild or light coffee out of fine coffee powder. The fine coffee powder is much finer than the majorly used coffee granules. This machine is a great gift for people who like their coffee light and less caffeine.

Coffee lovers across the world now love and adore the mild and smooth coffee that this machine produces in large quantities. However, the process through which the coffee is made in this machine is quite similar. The main difference lies in the fine powder of coffee and less quality of caffeine.

Why Nespresso?

A lot of you may be wondering, if all is so similar with espresso, why would one opt for a Nespresso machine. Well, the main reason behind this is the caffeine count. Many coffee lovers shy away from having espresso on a daily basis because of the sudden high of caffeine and the later low. So for this soulful purpose, this Nespresso machine has become extremely popular all across the world.

The Making Process

There is a huge difference in the making process of espresso and Nespresso as well. This difference makes them two completely different ways to make up your coffee the first thing in the morning.

The traditional espresso coffee machine blasts a stream of tightly pressured hot water through dense granules of coffee. This forces all the flavor out of the powder and what you get in your cup is a thick concentrate of coffee. In Nespresso, the science behind the making is the same. However, the major change lies in the form of coffee that is used in the making. Unlike the usual espresso machine, the Nespresso process uses specially made pods of coffee. However, this saves up a lot of time, energy, and effort, and the coffee is out within just a few seconds!

Let’s Get to Cleaning! 

No matter what type of coffee machine or appliance you use currently. Regular cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine can increase its life and can save you from a lot of damage. Here, we are going to tell/share with you some easy methods through which you will get to know how to clean your Nespresso machine in the best manner.

How to Clean Nespresso Machine?

How to Clean Your Nespresso Machine


Here, the first and foremost thing/step that you will need to do is to dismantle the entire machine. Since the device is made up of various parts that are put together, most of the major components will easily detach. We do this in order to carefully clean all the features of the machine that are prone to damage in the long run. Here is how you can dismantle the Nespresso machine.

-Take off the main lid

-Empty the water container

-Unplug the water container and take it out

– Push the button below the water container to take out the capsule holder.

-Now, Remove the pipes that connect the discerner and capsule holder

-Remove the cup plate as well.

What Next? 

How to clean nespresso machine

Now, we have all the major parts of the Nespresso machine dismantled and unplugged. Now, the easiest and the most effective way to clean your Nespresso machinery thoroughly is with soap water. Moreover, you can also use dishwashing soap or any other utensil liquid soap. Follow these steps to clean the parts of your Nespresso machine most effectively!

-Soak them

Here, the first thing you need to do is soak all the parts you have taken out in the sink or a tub full of water.

-Soap Them

Now, It is time for you to add the soap to the soaking parts. Now, with the help of a small cleaning brush with soft bristles, you have to clean out the details of your Nespresso machine. Hence, after rinsing them under running water, you have to dry them up.

-Cleaning Cycle

Here, once the parts are cleaned and placed back inside, you have to run a cycle with cleaning liquid. Now, use an authentic coffee machine cleanser only to run a cleaning cycle. However, if you use any other regular solution, then you might do some damage to the machine. 

Tips to Keep in Mind


With the method/steps mentioned above, you can easily clean out your Nespresso machine with outstanding results. However, if you are not careful following these steps, then you may cause damage to the device. Hence, here are a few tips/advice to keep in mind before you start cleaning out your Nespresso machine. 

Be Gentle 

The first thing/tip you need to keep in mind during the entire cleaning project is that you have to be very gentle. The Nespresso machine has some delicate parts and plugs. Even a hard push can break some important aspects of the device. Hence, be extra careful whenever you remove or assemble the part back to the machine. 

Keep Two Clothes

After you take out the soap from the running water, you have to use a light and wet cloth to clean up. What we advise you here is that you wear two clothes for this cleaning process. Moreover, one is a light and wet cloth that will deeply clean all the parts and another one is a dry and smooth cloth to ensure that all the moisture is taken out. With the help of this two-cloth method, you will surely get the best results.

Buy a Kit! 

If you are confused about the type of cloth and the soap you are supposed to use, don’t worry. There are various companies that sell whole coffee machine cleaning kits. Moreover, these kits will have soaps, liquids, and even good-quality cleaning cloth! 

Outer Part

Moreover, here we majorly focused on the inner parts of the coffee machine and its cleaning. For the outer part as well, make sure that you use a light surface cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth for the best results. 


We hope that now you know how to clean and cleanse your Nespresso coffee machine! Moreover, make sure to keep the cleaning tips in mind so that you can enjoy sipping on some great coffee straight from your Nespresso machine!