How to Hide Apps on Android: A Thorough Guide

How to hide apps on android

In the fast moving digital age, mobiles have turned out to be an addition to our lives, holding the wealth of personal and confidential information. While Android devices provide an ocean of features, users at times find themselves trying to keep certain apps and information secret. Whether it’s for maintaining a clear home screen or safeguarding personal information, how to hide apps on Android happens to be unbelievably useful. In this informative content, we’ll walk you through multiple techniques to discreetly hide apps from hovering eyes.

How to Hide Apps on Android: Know All the Techniques

Technique 1: Using the Built-in Launcher Options

Multiple Android phones come equipped with their own built-in launchers, providing the choice to hide apps without the need for third party applications. Go through these steps to know How to hide apps on android using this built-in launcher option:

Using the Built-in Mobile Launcher Options

  • Go to Your App Section: Scroll up or tap the “Apps” icon on your home screen to open the app Section.
  • Go to the App Menu: Tap on the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the phone screen.
  • Tap on “Hide Apps”: Based on your device’s brand and the version of Android, the label may be something else. Look for options similar to “Hide Apps,” “App Hide,” or “Hidden Apps.”
  • Select Apps to Hide: Tap on the boxes next to the apps you want hidden from the app section and the home screen.
  • Assure Your Choices: Once you’ve carefully chosen the applications, select the “Apply” or “Done” button to hide all those apps.

Technique 2: Trying Third-Party Launchers

If your device doesn’t have a launcher that doesn’t offer native hiding options, you can look for third-party launchers on the Google Play Store. These launchers offer better customization in case of How to hide apps on android and privacy features, along with the app hiding. Go through these steps to get started:

How to hide apps on android

  • Download a Third-Party Launcher: Look for a launcher like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, or Action Launcher available in the Google Play Store. Download the launcher of your preference and go through the setup information.
  • Open the App Section Settings: When you’re done setting up the new launcher, go to your home screen and do a pinch action on screen or find the app section icon to open the app drawer settings.
  • Hide Apps: Look for the “Hide Apps” or similar choices inside the app drawer settings. Choose the apps you want to hide and assure your selection.
  • Go back to your home screen, and the applications you’ve hidden will no longer appear on screen. You can go to them through the app drawer.

Here is a list of 3rd Party Launchers

  • App Hider.
  • Notepad Vault.
  • Hyde App Hider — Hide Apps.
  • Dialer Lock.
  • Clock Vault — Hide Photos and Videos.
  • HideU: Calculator.

Technique 3: Using Secure Folders (for Samsung Devices)

Samsung provides a unique option known as Secure Folder, which lets the users make a private and encrypted space to store apps, files, and data. Easier answer to How to hide apps on android.  Follow the steps to use it:

Using Secure Folders (for Samsung Devices)

  • Open Secure Folder: Open your device’s settings and look for “Secure Folder.” Set it up by logging in with your Samsung account or making one.
  • Include Apps to Secure Folder: Access the Secure Folder and select the “Add Apps” choice to select the applications you want or need to hide. These apps will be seen only from inside the Secure Folder.
  • Go to Secure Folder: You can now open your hidden applications by accessing the Secure Folder app on your home screen.

Technique 4: Disabling Apps (System Apps)

It is not exactly hiding, you can disable system apps that you don’t need to use, properly removing them from your app section and stop them from running:

How to hide apps on android

  • Go to App Settings: Go to your phone’s settings and then go to the “Apps” or “Apps & Notifications” section.
  • See All Apps: Tap on “View all apps” or a similar choice to look at the complete list of installed apps, along with system apps.
  • Choose and Disable Those Apps: Select the app you want to “hide” and touch on it. If the option is provided, tap on “Disable.” Do not forget that this may affect system functionality, hence only disable applications you are sure about.

Quick Look Over

In an era where our smartphones hold a treasure chest of personal information, updating yourself on how to hide apps on Android devices is an essential skill. 

Whether you choose using built-in launcher options, third-party launchers, secure folders, or disabling system applications, you have various techniques at your disposal to safeguard your privacy, keep your home screen clean, and keep control over the apps you download or have in your phone. Choose the process that goes with your needs and choices, and enjoy a more private and customized Android experience.