How To Keep Your Credit Score Clean In 3 Powerful Ways

Credit Score Clean In 3 Powerful Ways

You might not notice it, but work and side hustles get the better of you most of the time. You need to do it because you have bills to pay, food to put on the table, kids to send to school, and a sort of recreation to live a little. And all these entail spending. You can’t perform all these tasks without paying for them. And that’s where debts come in so you should have your credit score clean.

Just like any other individual, you can’t avoid incurring debts because of a myriad of responsibilities. And sometimes, your responsibilities overshadow your income. That’s why credit cards are of big help since it’s a solution to many of your problems. It also helps you make it through the day, week, or even month. 

The problem, however, is that missing a payment can hurt your credit score right away. Worse, it leads to some saddening and frustrating phone calls. Don’t be surprised if you’ll be contacted by 11 Charter Communications or see this name on your credit report. It implies that it is listed on your credit report as a collections account.  

And as a consequence, it might hurt your credit score and remain there for several years. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. But don’t stress yourself out as this is not a rare problem. There are solutions to it. Thus, below are ways to remove it and keep your credit score clean. And before anything else, it’s also best to understand what 11 Charter Communications is.

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What is 11 Charter Communications

11 Charter Communications is a debt collection agency that primarily focuses on collecting debts for a wide range of clients. You may probably ask why its name is on your credit report. Logic tells you that its appearance on your credit report means that you owe 11 Charter Communications some money. 

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Further, its appearance will surely hurt or damage your credit score, not temporarily but permanently, if not removed right away. But the good news is, there are ways to get your credit score fixed to wit:

Look for a Reputable Credit Repair Company

Credit repair companies are experts on restoring a negative credit score since they know how to professionally remove collection accounts like 11 Charter Communications from a credit report.

These companies have already removed hundreds and thousands of negative items from the credit report, thereby raising the credit score eventually. Thus, if you’re currently experiencing the same dilemma, you can visit and look for a credible and reputable company that can help you with your collection accounts and repair your credit score.

Request for a Debt Validation Letter

A debt validation letter is proof that you indeed owe your creditors money. You can ask for it from 11 Charters Communication, and when it receives your letter, it is under obligation to send you one and prove to you that you owe one. When it fails to do so, it is required by law to remove the negative items on your credit score and stop all debt-collecting efforts.

Requesting a debt validation letter is one of your rights as a debtor because there will sometimes be erroneous entries on the credit score. So the first step to validating whether you indeed incur debts is to look for a debt validation letter. 

Typically, your creditors will find it hard to prove their claims, but you will be obliged to pay them once they do. The good thing is that you are not falsely led into believing that you owe them money when in fact, you don’t. 

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Settle with a “Pay-For-Delete” Arrangement

Suppose it is undeniable that you owe your creditors and are worried about its negative impact on your credit score- in that case, you can negotiate with 11 Charters Communication for a “pay-for-delete” arrangement. 

This arrangement means that you agree in writing to pay your unpaid obligation, provided that the collecting agency removes all the negative entries on your credit score. This is commonly done and agreed upon by the debtor and his collecting agencies. Further, it’s a win-win situation for both since there has already been a promise of payment. But it’s more favorable to the debtor since his credit score will be fixed and appear clean.


Undoubtedly, negative items and entries on your credit report tremendously affect your credit score. Moreover, there has always been a negative connotation about debt collecting agencies’ appearance on your credit report since they have bad effects on your credit score.

However, it’s not like you no longer have any recourse or remedy since the ways mentioned above are the most powerful remedies to your problem. So worry not because ultimately, these ways will help you get your credit score clean. Thus, no more frustrating phone calls.