How to make money by playing online casino games


The Online Cricket Betting ID industry is proving to be one of the fastest-growing industries. With over a billion players worldwide, online casinos are no doubt the most successful and popular platforms of entertainment that are available today. However, despite a large number of individuals who play at online casinos, there are still concerns as to whether or not it is truly possible to make a decent income. Although it isn’t easy, there are professionals out there who manage to make fruitful amounts of money by playing various casino games online. So what is the secret to making money by playing online casino games? To find out more, we’ll be going over key factors to consider, which games are best to play, as well as highlighting the importance of the best UK casino bonuses that players should keep an eye out for.


RTP or return to player is the average percentage amount that a game returns to the player. This percentage is calculated by taking into account the total amount returned to Cricket ID players and divided by the total amount bet by players.

Naturally, the higher the RTP percentage is, the more often a player can win over a longer period of time. In saying so, players should choose games that have an RTP that is as close to 100% as possible since this means that there will be little to no loss of funds.

Luck versus Skill

Luck versus Skill

Is it really possible to win a game through sheer skill alone or does luck also play its part? Well, this actually depends on what kind of game a player decides to play. Most casino games, particularly slots, are luck-based, which means that the house has the edge. This means that there are no secret strategies that a player can apply in order to maintain a 100% win rate. This, of course, does not mean that a player cannot make a good amount of money from them but that it may take them hundreds if not thousands of spins, hands or rolls in order for them to win big.

Skill-based games, however, do not have a house edge. These are the type of games where players compete against one another instead of against the casino (the house). Skill-based games are a more sustainable way for players to make money long-term. If a player is good, or even professional, at a skill-based game then they can make a full-time living playing the game.

Which games to play?

Which games to play

As we’ve previously mentioned, skill-based games have an advantage over luck-based games. While it is still possible to win big at luck-based games, players who want to make a steady income should focus on skill-based games. Although these games also have an element of luck, the majority of the game’s outcome is determined by skill.


This skill-based game has produced some of the world’s most competitive and successful players. In terms of RTP, poker is close to 99.5%, which means that an online casino does not make much profit from this game. The reason behind this is that online casinos that offer poker cannot interfere with a game. Players who play poker regularly are aware that it’s all about the chance of the cards and the ability of the table’s players. In saying so, the house will never win and there will always be a player that wins a hand or tournament, resulting in a high percentage of winnings among players.


Blackjack is another skill-based game that players can earn a living from. Once again, the casino that offers blackjack, cannot affect the game in any way. The cards that each player receives are totally random and it’s the player’s ability that decides if they win or lose. In terms of RTP, blackjack’s is approximately 99%. The reason that this is so high is due to the fact that most times, there will be a player that will beat the bank in a game session.

Online casino promotions and bonuses

Players who are looking to overcome the house edge should take advantage of promotions and bonuses. As most players are already aware, bonuses are free spins/money or free play that online casinos provide both new and existing players with. Most of the time, the benefits of such bonuses can help players to turn the odds in their favour while using these bonuses. Bonuses are a great short term way of making some easy cash all while using the casino’s funds instead of their own, so players should utilise them whenever possible.

As we’ve seen, it is possible for players to make money on a professional level by playing online games, especially if they are skill-based. A crucial factor that players must keep in mind though is to always have a money management plan in place. By doing so, players can monitor their initial bankroll and thus ensure that they do not go overboard and spend all their winnings. Another important thing to note is that players should aim to make small, achievable profits rather than gargantuan amounts. By playing more regularly and sticking to their strategies, players can be hopeful of making a good amount of money in the long term.