How to use Nugget Ice

normal uses of Nugget ice

Are you crazy about super chewable nugget ice? Have you ever wondered how perfectly this ice came to be? Surely these ice chunks are not the same as homemade ice. Several people are crazy to crunch this type of ice.

The nugget ice is produced by commercial ice machinery, and it is composed of frozen water. Frozen water and joined air in harmony makes it more perfect for chewing. This process was started in 2008, and now the nugget ice makers are popping out day by day. 

Now there are many coldest corners of the internet that particular has been detected for the ice lovers. These ice chewing stores allow the people to eat and share the ice at their doorsteps without any trouble.

Scotsman was the first who offered a nugget ice machine and remained the only manufacturer. Now, there are five major brands, offer tools that produce nugget ice.

How is Nugget Ice Made?

Unlike the regular ice cubes, which are frozen in solid pieces, the nugget ice is made inside a cylinder. The tubes of the refrigerator are wrapped tightly around the outside of cylinder that allows the water to freeze inside thin layers.

 An auger pushes the ice upward, and it forms the soft mud. It reaches the top of the cylinder where ice is compressed into suitable density.  

In the end, flake ice comes that is commonly seen in fresh seafood displays. After this process, the ice is extruded through small holes and cut into small pieces that are known as nugget ice. Compression provides soft, crunchy and wet ice that very ideal for chewing without any teeth damage. Moreover, the ice can be break off naturally or lopped by blade into small pieces. 

Why is Nugget Ice getting popular?

As we know that different types of ice serve different purposes, but nugget ice is the most favourite of many people. Generally, the nugget ice is used in every business from restaurants to physical therapy offices. Moreover, this type o ice is also referred to as pallet ice of chewable ice. Here are some significant benefits of Nugget ice. Let’s check them out:

It’s Chewable

Have you ever tried the fountain soda filled with nugget ice? You can quickly feel the difference in the weight of the cup as compared to regular ice. Many people also remove the cover and straw to put this ice combo in their mouth.

It is soft, chewable and refreshing. Many people also find it in the nearest stores and restaurants to use it at any time they want.

Quick to Cool

Nugget ice is loaded with rapid cooling qualities. It cools the things whatever it comes in contact. You can take the example of a sports injury. People who want to get rid of damage as soon as people, nugget ice are used. Because of its shape, it can be moulded easily and increases the surface area. In this way, you can get more rehabilitation facilities.

Due to its large surface area, nugget ice cools the beverages instantly in any vessel. 

Retains the Flavor of the Drink

The most exciting thing about this type of ice is, it is known as the best ice to maintain the flavour of any beverage.  It provides the expression of better value as compare to regular cubes. The ice doesn’t mix with the chemistry of the beverage to change its texture, colour and taste. You can enjoy a fresh and cold drink as long as you can.

Helps to Make Tasty Frozen Drinks

When it comes to blended cocktails and smoothies, there is no alternative for using nugget ice. This ice is considered as the best for strawberry smoothies or frozen margaritas. The nugget ice maker machines produce the ice quickly without any trouble. 

Moreover, it is the very soft ice that will never damage the blades of the blender even with the regular usage. It is interesting to know that the breaking of such ice is very easy. So you can make the shakes and smoothies quickly and efficiently

Usage of Nugget:

The restaurants serve a lot of soft drinks and sodas with ice cubes. These ice cubes are sweet and retain the quality of the liquid. Moreover, its chewable texture absorbs the flavour of the sugary drinks and leaves a snow cone.

Nugget Ice Maker for Bars and Restaurants


and Bars also serve sweet tropical cocktails; these drinks are loaded nugget ice cubes that retain the flavour of the glass.

Nugget Ice Maker for Physical Therapy

The best use of ice nuggets is for injuries in physical therapy or sports medicine clinic. The soft texture of the ice makes it moldable and works perfectly on the harsh regions of the body. However, it is essential to know that the ice provides more surface area to treat the injuries and to provide better relaxation.

The traditional ice bags can tear easily, and the ice melts rapidly in it. Furthermore, it also leads to leakage of the bags and water of the floor. However, the nugget ice is very soft and pliable and doesn’t make any hole in the pocket.

Nugget Ice Maker for Elementary Schools

Every child is like to chew ice and strengthen the teeth of a tiny baby. The cubes of nugget ice are not fully frozen solid. It allows the kids to eat them quickly rather than traditional ice.

The children who chew more giant ice cubes like square ice or crescent ice can damage the enamel of the teeth. Whereas, this is soft as snow that is much easier for the strengthening of teeth.  It provides a no-hassle way to sooth the kid’s injuries.

The kids love sugary drinks; for this, the nuggets ice is considered as the best option who love to chew the ice.

However, we can conclude that nugget ice is considered as the best alternative of traditional ice. It is soft and easy to chew. The flavor of your beverage can be retained for the long time. 


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