How to Watch Video on Android – Top 8 Best Apps

Android App

One of the most useful features of devices equipped with Android OS is the ability to play video in a variety of formats. And with the advent of a large number of free TV shows apps, different streaming apps, etc., smartphone users only have to enjoy their favorite content from the screen of a mobile gadget. So, if you know how to watch video on Android, you have a great opportunity to arrange a modern cinema at home.

Today we will share with you how to watch video on Android. Let’s see what the Google Play store can offer us in this sense.

MX Player

One of the most popular video players for Android – over half a billion installations. It supports almost any video and audio formats, as well as subtitles.

The app allows you to control the image size by simple finger manipulation. There is a quick switch between subtitle texts.

An important advantage is the hardware acceleration with multi-core decoration, which can increase productivity by more than 70%. This is especially true for budget devices

321 Media player

An application that allows you to watch video via Android. The big advantage of this utility is that it supports HD, FullHD, and 4K resolutions. So it will be an excellent solution for modern smartphones with large screens.

VLC for Android

Mobile version of one of the most popular desktop players. Plays anything up to ISO disk images. Absolutely free, and contains no advertising.

It has a built-in library that makes it easy to access the content on your device. Supports multi-track audio and subtitles, with which this app bypasses many analogs.

The functionality includes a built-in equalizer and a set of filters.

video player for Android

For some reason, this popular app is called with a small letter. It allows you to play videos in up to 4K resolution on Android devices.

The built-in MP3 player contains a ringtone editor that allows you to trim the selected track to the desired size. A little strange function, but for some – very useful.

In addition, there is an equalizer and bass amplifier, which is quite important for mobile devices. The application automatically detects the types of video files in the device memory and displays them as a list.

Video Player

Another equally “original” name for an application that supports playback of any actual high definition video files up to UHD. It has hardware acceleration capability.

Capable of synchronizing the audio track with subtitles. Videos are stored in a protected folder, which is convenient for sharing the device.

The interface is very convenient, allows you to easily manage the sound parameters, publish clips, supports auto-rotation, and change the aspect ratio.

The program is free, but unlike the previous one, there is built-in advertising.


A free version of the Android video viewing application with very efficient BSPlayer hardware acceleration. Supports ARMv7 architecture with VFP and NEON.

The player is able to play audio and video files from shared storage, such as a flash drive or NAS. It can work with multiple audio tracks and subtitles.


The number of installations breaks records – over 5 billion! The purpose is obvious from the title: the player for viewing videos from this megapopular video hosting on phones and tablets.

In addition to viewing, the app allows you to find recommendations, favorite videos, as well as read comments and leave them to yourself. Furthermore, it allows you to download your own videos, accompanied by your voice.


Video player for gamers using the global platform of the same name. Designed for watching game broadcasts from around the world. It allows you to subscribe to the channels of interest.

The program includes an integrated chat, through which users can communicate with each other. A serious disadvantage is annoying advertising.

In conclusion

Smartphones are becoming more and more productive every year, but they do not always keep up with the “greediness” of content: the higher the resolution of video is, the more resources it requires.

Therefore, the possibility of hardware acceleration is relevant even for owners of quite expensive devices.