How UK Online Casinos Use Social Media


Social media plays a massive part in online casino and bingo brands! It is a mighty aid in connecting with customers – over half of the world’s population, 59% which is 4.70 billion people. currently use social media. That is truly insane! It is intriguing as social media is multi-dimensional and can be utilised across all industries. Whether it’s a company from the fashion and beauty industry or a mega gaming corporation, most businesses now take advantage of social media.

It is an especially powerful tool when used by fantastic online casinos! Social media provides a way to meaningfully connect with players in a world that is dominated by the internet.

It also opens a lot of doors for many companies by providing ways to increase reach and engagement! Enabling companies to promote some of their best games and features, whether that be slot games, poker, bingo or roulette.

Now, social media is a broad term. However, there are a few standout social media sites that most people actively use. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. Each social media site tends to have its own set of strengths and weaknesses; each site also attracts different audiences. It’s important for companies to take into account that different sites are popular with different demographics.

For example, it is unlikely that an online casino site should utilise TikTok as a platform. This is because UK online casinos are only accessible to those over 18, while the majority of the TikTok user base are teenagers. Instead, it’s probably a good idea to put more energy into their Facebook social media, as it is more popular with the adult audience.

Remember you need to be 18+ to gamble within the UK and please feel free to visit for more information on how to gamble safely.

So, Why is Social Media a Good Form of Advertising for Online Casinos?

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Well, it’s simple really! Online casinos exist on the internet, so it makes sense to take advantage of all the available outlets related to the online world, and social media is one of the best. Though there are old-school methods, like posters and other print advertising, used by brick-and-mortar casinos, these are unlikely to be as effective for online casinos. This is due to the notion that land-based casinos need to attract local players to attend their casinos, whereas online casinos can attract people across the globe and aren’t limited to a certain postcode! Therefore, it is more logical to invest money and energy into social media to obtain players and increase reach!

One of the major benefits of social media is it can be relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of advertising! For example, a television advert could set a company back a lot more money and they will have less control over the target audience. Whereas companies have the ability to be more selective when utilising social media.

Furthermore, social media also enables two-way communication between online casinos and players, as potential players, that are intrigued, have the ability to ask any questions they may have. They can even tag their friends, furthering the company’s reach even more!

What Types of Social Media Content do Online Casinos Utilise?

One of the best ways for online casinos to advertise on social media is by using text and images, along with consistently uploading content, to communicate with followers/players. They can update them on new features, new bonuses and promotions, and even seasonal campaigns! However, there are even more ways to effectively use social media as a platform:


An interesting tool that some online casinos use is Polls. These are great as they can massively increase player engagement, and can help to create an online casino community. They are lighthearted and fun, but they also have the ability to get some valuable player feedback. They can be unique, informative and fun! What’s there to lose?

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Live Streams

Live streaming is a great medium that exists on many social media sites. Online casinos can use influential live streamers to promote their fun-filled games! During a live stream, viewers are able to interact in real-time and instantaneously. This further amplifies the sense of community that can be achieved with social media. Live streams work extremely well for online casinos making large announcements, like game releases. This works to help increase hype and anticipation!

Community Groups

Social media sites, like Facebook, have the capability to create community groups! These groups allow people with the same interests to communicate with one another. They will likely share tips, tricks and interests. Online casinos can take advantage of these community groups to provide a way for potential players to interact with each other. Almost, replicating some of the social factors that land-based casinos have.

Video Content

One of the most popular forms of content is the video form. Effective social media video content has the ability to capture potential players in a way that static images can’t! They can be truly encapsulating! The ability to entice with vibrantly moving imagery intertwined with exciting audio is a recipe for potential online casino success on social media.

To Conclude

Online casinos and social media are a great pairing! Social media has the ability to not only connect online casino companies with their players but allow players to communicate and socialise with one another! It is also a great platform for advertising incredible online casino games and features!

Ultimately, social media is a powerful tool for any online casino site! Is it any wonder social media is so popular?

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By Jacob H