Covid 19 is having great impact on the mobile gaming market

mobile gaming market

The epidemic Covid 19 just took about a month time to spread to different continents of the world. Almost the entire world entered into a lockdown and it affected all the businesses and millions of consumers across various countries. The world saw a massive increase in the numbers of infections and also rise in the number of people dying. Just sitting back at home and doing nothing has urged many people to play online video games and casino through online sites. Reputed online sites like have catered to thousands of users during this lockdown period. Many people have downloaded innumerable numbers of video games in their mobile to play and spend some fruitful time during the lockdown period. In this blog, you will know how Covid 19 is having great impact on the mobile gaming market.

Data showed at the available sources has displayed that Covid 19 has left a mark in the mobile industry during the first few months of the year 2020. It has been revealed that during the first 3 months of this year mobile download of video games has crossed the 13 billion mark across Google play and all the related App stores. It is hard to believe that this is 2 billion download more than the number of downloads of last year, i.e. 2019. The number of downloads in the App store increased on year to year basis by 35% amounting to 3 billion. On the other hand, the number of installations from Google store increased by 38% to 10 billion approximately. The figures clearly show that this has been a wonderful time in the history of mobile download of video games and the object responsible for this huge growth was Covid 19.

In the month of March 2020, it was found that in both the App store and Google play, number of downloads increased by 24% to 5.1 billion. On the other hand, it was found that in the month of April also numbers of downloads of mobile video games increased by 8% more to 5.5 billion. This is considered to be a spectacular growth in the downloading of mobile video games. It was found that people were getting bored by sitting at home for days with no work to do. People do not know since last when the mobile gaming industry has seen such a huge growth in their revenue. 

It is interesting to know that India leads the market in terms of mobile gaming market and  download of mobile games during the lockdown period. India contributed to 966 million downloads in the month of April 2020. This is considered to be an increase of 29% from the month of March and a rise of 92% from January. On the other hand, it has been found that in the United States, the amount of download touched 527 million in the month of April. It is an increase of 15% from the month of January and more or less same as it was in the month of March 2020. But the scenario was slightly changed in China as lockdown started there some time before January 2020. As a result, the peak of the download happened there in the month of February, 2020 and the figures touched 284.3 million. When the lockdown was lifted in April, number of downloads dropped by 33% than March to 190.7 million in April. 

With an increase in the number of downloads, the amount users spend on their mobile games, is also showing an upward trend. As a result of this, the mobile gaming companies saw a massive jump in their revenues. In the month of March, the mobile gaming industry generated revenue of $5.8 billion all over the world. This is a growth of further 8% from the month of February, 2020. As the lockdown continued, it was witnessed that revenue in the month of April increased further by 10% to $6.4 billion. An interesting fact which should not be missed here is that the growth of revenue in the month of April was more than the growth of downloads. It was also noted that since 2014, this is for the first time that revenue generated since April is more than it generated in March.

The trend of user spending on mobile games was more or less similar in the US market. The US market saw a huge increase in user spending during the first 4 months of the year 2020. In the month of April, user spending on mobile video downloads touched $1.9 billion. It is an increase of 18% from the month of March and up to 28% if you consider the increase from the month of January 2020. If the extension of the lockdown continues further, the number of downloads and revenue generated is expected to increase further in the coming months. When the economy is passing through a bad phase, this is definitely good news for the mobile industry at large.

Industry experts are expecting revenue of $98 billion in the mobile gaming industry by the year 2024. This is an increase of 55.6% from the level of 2019. Had not the Covid 19 happened, the prediction of the industry was $4 billion lesser. If we come to the topic of number of downloads, this will also see an estimated download touching 75 billion by the end of the year 2024.  Interestingly, the previous prediction was 70 billion downloads, which would have been the picture without the attack of Covid 19. These are rough estimates based on the current scenario. If the crisis due to Covid 19 deepens, then the economy may go into further depression. In that case, these predictions of 2024 may change in the coming days. If the lockdown is continued to extend, then the number of downloads may increase further and if the reverse happens, people will become busier in their daily life and will spend lesser time with their mobile video gaming.

In addition to playing video games, it has been observed that in the lockdown period, people are using more Smartphone for getting information on their health issues. Lot of people are also doing shopping through Smartphone so that there is no need to go outside.