Interest Graph-Based, Soul Metaverse Becomes a Social Playground For Young Generations

Soul Metaverse

With the acceleration of urbanization and rapid development of the Internet, Chinese young generations tend to seek high-quality and valuable social relationships online for spiritual comfort. Based on a deep insight into the needs of young generations, Soul App came up with the concept of “Soul Metaverse”, wishing to reduce their loneliness by building a warm interest graph-based social metaverse for them.

When new users register for an account on Soul App, they must take a personality quiz that categorizes and travels them to different “planets”, where similar users gather. Therefore, young generations are easy to find like-minded peers. Besides, all users only have a customized cute avatar as their profile picture, a virtual identity. Without worrying about revealing their true identities, they can express themselves fully and bravely. With a basis on the same interests, they can start to chat and make friends quickly. more details visit here

In other words, Soul Metaverse provides a platform that users can make friends based on their personality charm instead of their appearance, social status and other realistic factors. By exploring Soul Metaverse, they can exchange interests and perspectives, obtaining spiritual resonance and high-quality social relationships. 

To advance its content recognition and user labeling capabilities, Soul App has developed powerful proprietary artificial intelligence and data analytic technologies. It enhances user experience by intelligently and accurately curating desired content and connections for every user.

These unique features distinguish Soup App from other social network products, making it attract an increasing group of users. According to data from Soul App, since July 2020, Soul App has maintained an average monthly growth rate of 105%, and has 10 million daily active users, 73.9% of which are Gen Z users. Moreover, Soul App has an average daily DAU of 24 sessions and an average daily DAU of 40-50 minutes, making it one of the top social products in terms of user engagement and retention. Undeniably, Soul App is on the rise with its interest graph-based and gamified features, and has become one of the most popular social apps among Gen Z users.

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Data shows that China’s Gen Z users are expected to reach 331 million by 2024. It indicates that Soul App still has huge potential for user growth. By consistently innovating in its core technologies and app functions, Soul App may embrace a bright future.