Is ApkPure Safe?


If you are an Android phone user, then you probably heard about Apkpure. It is one of the most used third-party App Stores for Android Mobile phones.

However, there is a question that clicks through everyone’s minds, is Apkpure safe? Even though it is not simple to address this question in a single article. 

But Apkpure is one of the most leading and well-known platforms therefore, it is quite easy to address the question. So, in this article, I am going to share my own opinion on the topic while keeping the reviews and experiences of users.

What is Apkpure?

Apkpure is a combination of two terms Apk and Pure. Apk is the extension of a package file that you can use to install on Android phones. It is just like an .EXE extension for Windows and IPA for iOS devices. Meanwhile, Pure is a word that is used for unadulterated objects.

Basically, it is a third-party app store for Android Electronic Gadgets. Even though it has a separate store for iPhones or iOS devices, it is more popular among Android users. So, it is the most used Application Store right after the Play Store. 

It has millions of active users from all over the world. They are offering millions of applications and games based on different categories and genres. 

So, you can use it as an alternative to the Play Store. However, the best part is that it offers those tools and apps that are not even available in the Play Store.

So, that gives an edge to Apkpure over the other stores. However, it was offering only legal apps. But now they have started to share those apps that are illegal or violate the policies of the official App Store. I am actually referring to cheat tools or hacking apps.

Is Apkpure Safe?

Let’s come to the main topic: Is Apkpure Safe? As I have mentioned, it is a third-party app store, which means it is not an officially authorized platform by Google or Android authorities. But it is legal to share apps and games that are freely available for public usage.

As long as you are providing those kinds of apps, it is legal. However, there are many alternative stores that offer the same services, but not a single of them can meet the standards that Apkpure provides to its users. 

As per the documents mentioned on Apkpure such as Privacy Policy and Term of Use, it seems safe. Because they follow and apply all the basic policies and terms of use that are intended to protect users’ privacy and security. 

There are thousands of reviews that you can read on the internet where users have admired the forum. However, it has started to share some third-party apps that might be harmful to users. So, the platform is safe but the apps that you download can be either safe or not.

Apkpure Alternatives

Apkpure is not a single store that you can use to download applications, rather there are tons of them. But the standards that it offers are much higher. 

However, there are still some alternative third-party app stores or web stores. So, there you can find different kinds of apps and games that are not even available on the Play Store and Apkpure.

These are the following alternative app stores to Apkpure.

  • GetJar
  • 1Mobile Market
  • Aptoide
  • ACMarket
  • MobPark
  • AppChina
  • HappyMod
  • Oppo App Market
  • VIVO App Store
  • Apkshelf


So, I think Apkpure is safe as long as you are installing legal apps or games. It has recently started sharing fraudulent tools or hacks that are illegal and harmful to Android. So, it depends on how you are using it. Everything on the Internet is harmful and insecure if used carelessly.