How Kratom Capsules can be Both Positive and Negative?

kratom capsules

Kratom is a recreational drug with mind altering effects. It makes the individual see illusions of euphoria and giddiness all the while numbing the brain in order to make it unable to feel anything else. Kratom is found in Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand etc. It is available in the form of Kratom paste, Kratom powder and Kratom capsules. Kratom is a drug which is not detected in a drug test and one can easily dupe the authorities. If a high dose of Kratom is taken as a sedative, the effects can last for six hours.

Why is Kratom Capsules can be sometimes bad?

Kratom has opium like effects. It is a psychotropic drug that takes a toll on the human mind by displaying unreal feelings. These feelings are artificial and don’t last forever. To make them last for a long period of time, people naturally consume Kratom in very high amount. This inevitably causes dependence. Dependence leads to substance abuse and eventually the person subjected to substance abuse cannot live without regularly inducing himself or herself with Kratom.

Kratom has been known to cause an extreme sense of anxiety, depression, decreased appetite and sleep, fever, hot flashes and spasms. When one tries to stop taking Kratom, he or she experiences withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are so strong that a person, even when trying to be healthy, becomes very sick. Many doctors have often compared these withdrawal symptoms as harsh and severe as those of heroin.

Helpful Effects on Mental and Emotional Health

A person who has now become addicted to Kratom suffers not only from physical ailment but from mental and emotional too. When a person doesn’t know what is real and what is illusionary, he or she is not aware of their own emotions, Kratom takes a huge passing toll on their interpersonal relationships. It has been noted that the person who is involved in substance abuse often loses his family relation. Broken marriages, distraught relationships and abandoned children have been recorded in the history of substance abuse.

Often the case with drug addicts is to get admitted in a mental health improvement institution to keep in check his or her habit which creates distance between the patient and his or her family, estrangement is a common concept when one is treated for substance abuse.

Apart from mental and emotional health hazards caused by substance abuse, overdosing is also a huge problem and concern. Overdosing your system with Kratom or any other drug can prove to be fatal. Intense levels of euphoria and happiness block out other senses. The brain becomes numb and lags behind in sensing and sending instructions. Cardiac arrests and serious respiratory problems are a cause of death by overdosing on substance abuse.

Meditation as a Substitute

Meditation is a process to keep the mind calm and cool. Calmness and stability achieved from doing and practicing meditation regularly lasts much longer than those miserly six hours of taking Kratom as a sedative. Unlike proper belief, meditation is not religious, it is rather spiritual. One doesn’t have to be a devout to practice meditation. It makes the mind strong, stable and steady. Hormones and internal organs are regulated and function properly. Mental and emotional state of a person remains positive and healthy. All these things lead to a happy and fruitful life.

A person stays in his right mind and the brain functions properly with appropriate alertness. His interpersonal relationships flourish and positive emotions and feelings of love, unity, empathy and such emotions are experienced. Cognitive emotions and motor muscle capacity is increased with considerable increase of mental ability and sense of humour elevated.


Frankly speaking, recreational drugs are good for health and can be sometimes unsafe too. Regularly using them is a health hazard not only for the individual but also for his or her family and friends. If you want to be happy, adopt an organic way to gain happiness that is natural and not artificial substances like Kratom capsules.


  1. Hey dude you are all kinds of wrong in this article! PURE UNADULTERATED KRATOM IS SAFE ON THE MIND AND THE BODY!

  2. Kratom is saving ppl’s lives. Not destroying them ~ Over 15 million Americans consume Kratom, SUCCESSFULLY. It’s been helping ppl for centuries .

  3. “Reefer Madness” all over again!

    I was addicted to pain pills and barbiturates for 25 plus yrs. I stopped it all one day went through hell then developed severe anxiety, refusing to go back on anxiety meds (that my dr. wanted to put me back on) I stumbled upon Kratom.. tried it and it helped SO much with the pain and anxiety, i sought out groups about this plant.. since being in these groups i have heard copious amounts of testimonies from people that have overcome the addictions of opioids , alcoholism, depression and or eating disorders! I suggest joining some of these Kratom groups sit back and watch the magic of living life again! Please don’t believe articles claiming bad outcomes about this wonderful plant..
    big pharma up to no good because it’s a plant that’s readily available in most states and they don’t want that!
    I wish all Kratom users continued success and those in banned areas to finally be able to find the benefits this plant has to offer.

  4. People are getting tired of reading Kratom articles with no research behind them. More& more people are leaving addiction to drugs/alcohol,and having better relationships due to Kratom leaf. Meditation as a substitute? Novel concept…but meditation along with the Kratom leaf works best. #research real facts and thousands of testimonials.

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