Last Oasis beginner tips and tricks

Last Oasis beginner tips

If you like nomad-like MMO survival games, you have probably tried out Last Oasis already. The game requires you to build mobile wind-powered machines named walkers to migrate around and stay in a safe zone between extreme heat and cold regions. During your quest to survive, you would be facing hostile creatures and other players trying to kill and loot you. A beginner may potentially have a tough time staying in this game. However, there are several tips and tricks that you can follow for a beginner to perform well in Last Oasis.  

What are the things that you should keep in mind?

Unlike many of the other MMO games of this type, you need to be constantly on the run in Last Oasis. You cannot settle in a place for too long because eventually, the scorching heat of the sun would destroy the map and everything on it. 

At the same time, you would have to focus on building up your mobile base and battle others. Here are a few tips that may benefit you:

1. Complete the tutorial

Do not skip the tutorial midway. The tutorial in Last Oasis is very comprehensive and covers various aspects of the game. It would get you ready for the next zones, which will be much more dangerous and challenging. 

Unless you complete the tutorial, it may be challenging for you to fight those who did. 

2. Do not leave the starting zone early

When you start the game, you would first spawn in a starting zone known as Cradle. This zone is not as hostile as the rest, and it is far less likely that another player would kill you. Do not leave this zone early. 

You cannot move to another starting map when the heat destroys the Cradle you started in, which means that you would be facing higher levels of difficulty. Utilize your opportunity and spend as much time in the cradle as you can, gathering resources, collecting fragments, and killing Rupus. 

3. Stay out of sight

This is a game where you do not want to attract any unwanted attention. Even if you get stronger than the other beginner, a stronger player or a clan of other players can always kill you. 

Try to make use of the terrain to your advantage and avoid moving over vast open expanses. While gathering resources, retract the wings and hide the walker amidst thick vegetation. The spider walker is especially inconspicuous as it is small, wingless and hugs the earth as it moves. 

4. Always have an escape plan

You never know when you would run into a difficult situation in this game. While moving on your walker, keep an eye out for sneaky enemies and mentally create an escape route. You would also want to be careful while parking the walker if you need to hop out of it for some reason. 

Place it so that it can take off and escape immediately if things go wrong without needing a complex turn. 

5. Using hacks

Using hacks and cheats has become a common practice in online games. However, if you plan to use these to get an edge as a beginner, make sure to choose the hacks carefully. Although there are multiple companies out there that develop cheats, not all of them are equally reliable. 

Using hacks from a source that cannot avoid detection can cause you to end up with a banned account. However, there are Last Oasis hacks that are likely to stay undetected for a long time. 

6. Watch out for formidable enemies

Keep a close eye on the chat at all times. Whenever a player knocks out or kills someone on the map, everyone in that zone receives a broadcast through the chat. Keeping track of these broadcasts would help you gauge how many players are there in the vicinity. 

You can also steer clear from the stronger enemies who have been killing others repeatedly. 


You would need to strategize well while always leaving some space for sudden plan changes. Making the right choices, you can minimize your chances of dying and win against the other players. These tips and tricks should help you farewell as a beginner in Lost Oasis.