Leaf Blower Maintenance Guide

Leaf blower maintenance

Cleaning your driveway which is covered by the fallen leaves, unwanted dust, and debris from your lush green garden, or simply taking the dried leaves out of your surroundings, the first thing that we reach out for all the above circumstances is a leaf blower.

To maximize its durability and to keep it in a better working condition so that you can reap its advantage over the coming years, here is the maintenance guide to follow:


To have the leaf blower run in a better condition for more years, you need to constantly keep a regular check on your equipment. Let’s give a head start by getting a tick mark to the basic question first:

Are the bolts and screws in the equipment tight and secure enough?

Any scratches or cracks on the leaf blowers body?

Is the sound of the leaf blower ok?

All the buttons in working condition?

Is there any leakage from anywhere?

Is the battery working properly?

Is the power cord sturdy and stiff in every place?

If you don’t get a tick mark on these essential checkups, then, you should take the proper measure to deal with the problem.

  • Cleaning:

Be it any equipment, when it comes to maintaining it, you should start with proper cleaning. Here are some of the essentials which will help your tools clean and tidy:


Water is the safest and cleanest form of cleaning anything! You can clean the outer surface of the leaf blower with clean water.

Unless it is an electrical leaf blower, you should reach out for its user’s manual for better guidance.

Soap water:

Well, if your gadget is oily and greasy, then, the most efficient way to clean it is by using the combination of water and soap. 

Also, if you are finding that the fuel stains are stubborn, then, try removing them using any detergent lying in your kitchen.

Fizzy drink:

Yes, you can make use of normal cool drinks such as coke to get rid of some overly stubborn stains, say rust. 

Take a random container, get it filled with sufficient coke, leave them for about a week or two. This should do its magic!

Kitchen sponge:

Being the most reasonable cleaning tool, the kitchen sponge does wonder while absorbing the liquids. So, if you are looking for something in between an overly soft cloth and a rowdy rogue brush, then, the kitchen sponge is a great deal!

  • And more:

Using the right fuel:

Always make sure you use the right fuel while refueling your leaf blower. Research about which fuel is best suited for the model of the leaf blower you have purchased. Check the price range, and do what’s best suited for your leaf blower.

Replacing the weary tools from time to time:

It is quite evident that if a leaf blower or be it any other device has been serving over the years, some parts of the device is ought to go through wear and tear!

Thus, instead of neglecting this crucial matter thinking it as a trivial matter, then, you will regret it later. By time to time replacement of the wear tools, you can add in more years by keeping the leaf blower in a better working condition.

Before you store, make sure you follow these necessary procedures:

  • Let the device to cool completely
  • Storing the device in a well-ventilated and dry place makes it rust-free
  • Store it beyond the reach from pets and children

Keeping a constant check and a regular update of your leaf blower, whenever it is being used, is a trivial matter of time. 

Thus, instead of neglecting and procrastinating until a major issue, it is better to maintain the leaf blower by cleaning, properly storing and replacing the required tools then and there itself.



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