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Legends eSport

In League of Legends, one of the top-notch eSport played and viewed all over the world. It is quite interesting. From battlefields to strategies, there is a lot to look ahead for as a player. However, do you know? Top League of Legends eSport World Championship players concluded that “tokens” play a crucial part in boosting the player’s confidence. Because whenever players receive a token in the form of a reward for their excellent performance, it delivers an advantage over other players. For example, let’s suppose in League of Legends, you receive an S Grade only when you perform in the game within your best abilities. Such a player receives an S Grade. This player further receives a Mastery token. Using this token, you can skip to the next level of the game. 

In the same way, each level remains pushable using these tokens. Now, many newbie players in LoL wonder how to get these tokens faster? Furthermore, many questions concerning the use of these tokens stand in line. Thus, thanks to our gaming experts, we present you with a guide on “tokens” in League of legends. Every doubt that you have will be answered here. 

How do you get a token in League of Legends? 

In the event that you want to level up your game, you must focus on getting a token in the game. It is similar to entering an exclusive club. You need a token for that! Now, according to the rules of League of Legends, a player can receive a token upon both winning and losing. For example, if you have won the Summer’s Rift over, you will get 10 tokens. In comparison, losing on Summer’s Rift, you will also get five tokens. However, their purpose will be distinct. 

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Now, many players focus on winning in the game and moving ahead. In other words, they avoid getting into battles. However, that will not work in your favor if you want tokens. Because when you enter a battle in Teamfight tactics, you get battle pass tokens which are very helpful in the game. Throughout the game, 18 battle pass tokens per player are receivable. visit here 

Thus, the fastest way to get a token in League of legends is focusing on “playing.,” irrespective of winning or losing. 

Can you buy tokens in place of winning? 

There can be various instances in the League of Legends eSports game when you desperately need a token to go ahead in the game. Thanks to the monetization user interface in the game, players can purchase passes and get tokens along with them. For example, each pass consists of 200 tokens that remain utilizable right away. 

Yet, of course, if you want to experience the League of Legends’s hardship at the best level, you must hustle to get these tokens in the first place. Passing levels or purchasing passes are not the only alternatives to obtain tokens in the game. 

To the reader’s surprise, League of legends allows teams to set up different missions for their team members. As a team player, whenever you complete a mission that works in your team’s favor, you will receive a token. 

Please note that each token remains applicable for the use of solo players and not the team. Apart from this, tokens for teams are also attainable. These team tokens are very helpful in the LoL eSport. Many teams strategize to use these tokens in the form of currency (which it is, for lol). As a result, they exchange a bunch of tokens for bartering for a pack market tab.

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How to unlock tokens in League of Legends? 

Please note that, akin to many eSport, which work on token currency, in League of Legends as well, tokens that a player receives are not accessible right away. Instead, they have to work for it. Thus, to unlock a token, you can check the tasks you need to complete for that particular token. For each token, the task can be different. If you want to grow in the game, the best way is to set small goals for yourself. For example, play summer rift (even if you lose), you get 5 tokens. 

Thus, the best strategy is to keep playing the game without losing hope to get better in the future. With this mindset, there will be a time when you easily win Summer Rift in the game and get 10 tokens instantly. Please note that tokens are currency in the 2021 League of legends eSport game. They can help you at every step of your journey. Thank you!