LGBT Communities: Their Rights and Symbols

LGBT Communities

Today’s society is absolutely upended with new mainstreams, trends, changed family rights, and other notable aspects everybody is talking about. One of the hot-topic victories in the world is LGBT communities that avouched their rights loudly. Dozens of years ago the same-sex relationships provoked panic, discriminate movements, and other forms of non-acceptance. This article will disucss LGBT Communities: Their Rights and Symbols.

Now lesbians, gay couples in love are not afraid to share happy photos in social networks, kiss, hug each other, and make a case globally. Most of them know their rights and begin an absolutely new way of life. Nevertheless, anti-LGBT movements still exist because our planet is full of aggression. It is some kind of racism, Nazism, etc.


LGBT communities – how it all began?    

The term LGBT now is wide-spread and well-known in any corner of the world. It is an abbreviation of all sexual minorities (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender personalities). Long ago people who had different sexual orientations were considered psychically sick. Nobody thought about rights and freedom of love for lesbians, transgender representatives, gays, and bisexuals.

The USA became the symbol of LGBT support because the brightest events were held there. When some European and Asian countries are still against same-sex relationships, American communities organize parades and invite everybody to share the brilliant show of friendship, solidarity, and love with participants.

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History in interesting facts about LGBT

The history of LGBT communities is very long. One of the first organizations for sexual equality was established in 1950 in Sweden. The right for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender was approved (RFSL). The first book that was devoted to lesbian love was “Spring Fire”. This novel appeared in 1952 – more than 1.5 copies were sold.

Despite the fact of discrimination and public hate, the first gay bar appeared in Chicago in 1958. Its name was the Gold Coast. The dress-code was leather clothes. This way guests can easily find a partner and communicate with the gay representatives without a fear to be punished by authorities.

From 1970 the struggle for LBT rights became more active. The numerous parades and demonstrations were held in New York, San Francisco in London, and other cities around the world. In 1972 Sweden became the first state in the world where transsexuals got the allowance to change their sex. It was a big victory for society and for sexual minorities that dreamt about life free of aggressive behavior of their neighborhood.

More about LGBT community symbols

The first rainbow-colored symbol appeared in 1978. Then, it was transformed from the standard seven-striped version into a six-striped one. Each color symbolizes one sexual minority that LGBT community consists of:

  • Red and orange color – lesbians;
  • Yellow color – gays;
  • Blue and violet color – bisexuals;
  • Green color – transsexuals.

It is worth noting that the first LGBT organizations were established in 1990. The USA-based organizations (BiNet, Queer Nation) as other ones in Great Britain (OutRage!) and in India (Humsafar Trust) used a six-striped rainbow flag as the prime symbol. Now each community obtains its own flag and decorative elements that prove the fact of membership of all the willing participants.

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For example, Labrys lesbian community has a pink-colored flag with a double-bitted ax in the center. An interlocked-gender Mars symbol is used by gay communities. At the same type, Venera interlocked-gender signs are symbols of lesbians. Bisexuals have a three-striped flag – pink, violet, and blue.

LGBT communities – our days

Beginning in 1990, the special events took place in different countries. They are called Pride Parades and want to remind all the planet about the rights of sexual minorities. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals come to the streets with posters, bright rainbow-colored neckbands, badges, etc.

Now almost everybody can tell about his/her sexual orientation. Same-sex marriage is allowed in Austria, Taiwan, Ecuador, and other countries.  Internet surfers can openly search for partners in lesbian, bisexual, and gay dating apps. Politicians, writers, stylists, and other famous personalities declare publicly about their non-traditional sexual orientation. Nevertheless, members of modern LGBT communities face aggression even in our progressive society.

Supposedly, we need a bit more time to get used to same-sex happy families, attractive transsexual celebrities, and other members of LGBT communities who just want to be in harmony with the world and their feelings!


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