Bring Back The Lost Memories Of Mega Family Picnics With This Ultimate Guide

Mega Family Picnics

The weather is great, you are bored with watching television, and you miss your family. What better time than this to have a mega family picnic! We all love family picnics, a perfect time to spend with our loved ones in a relaxed and joyful environment. Do you remember when as a child, those fantastic mega family picnics that you used to go for? Seeing your uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins after a long time? Lots of tasty food and drinks? Games, laughter, and other fun-filled activities? In this blog, you will know how to Bring Back The Lost Memories Of Mega Family Picnics With This Ultimate Guide.

Those memories are nostalgic indeed. In our busy world today, we are going for lesser and lesser picnics. Nuclear families, time constraints, scheduling problems, and travel difficulties have all contributed to the demise of family picnics in general. 

So, when we do go for a mega family picnic, we need to ensure that we capture them in their full bloom for the future. With a smartphone in everyone’s hands, it is so easy to capture these memorable moments digitally. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the essential requirements to plan for your next family picnic.

Plan Ahead

A very important step in preparing for any large gathering is to ensure that you plan. Make a list of the family members you would like to invite and get the confirmation of their availability. The timing of the picnic is also important because you do not want to see your outdoor picnic being washed away in the rains. Keep in mind simple things like the different age groups, requirements, and habits of your different family members. The best part is that now you can easily create your own invitations with a personalized touch for every family member. If you are planning for a themed picnic, make sure that all family members approve of it. Appropriate seating arrangements like blankets, mats, or foldable chairs for the elderly are always good to carry. 

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Choose a Great Picnic Spot

While you could have a great picnic anywhere, it is better to choose the right picnic spot depending on the number of people. A picnic spot could be chosen from a wide variety of options. Some of these could include designated public picnic spots, a museum, the banks of a river, an agricultural farm, fruit picking hiking spots, or a nearby hill station. Ensure beforehand that there are enough washrooms for the large gathering that you are planning. Try not to keep it too far, as everyone will be tired when they must go back home. 

Food – Diverse and Plenty

Food makes the picnic come alive and the most important ingredient for having a great picnic! Either get the food catered to or designate certain items to different members. A wider variety of food with smaller helpings is better as it would please more palates. Asking everyone to bring one food item, like a potluck, is also a good way to arrange for the food without putting a burden on any individual. Ensure that you do not run out food by keeping extra finger snacks. Fluids are a must, and there is a tendency to get dehydrated during these fun activities. If you are planning to have a barbeque, makes sure that you carry all the required equipment beforehand. Easy-pick items like sandwiches, pasta, cheese, and cut fruit are all-time favorites.          

Capture the Moments

Don’t forget to capture these sweet moments, because while the fun will last for a day, the memories will last forever. Designate a couple of youngsters to take savvy short video clips and photographs of the activities going on during the picnic. Once you are back, you can make breath-taking intro videos using YouTube intro maker free online software. 

Capture the Moments

Safety First

As with any large gatherings, there is every chance of something going wrong or someone getting hurt. The safety of family and friends, if invited, is of utmost importance. Coming prepared with a basic first aid kit, which includes bandages, antiseptic cream, and plasters, can easily take care of small cuts and bruises. If possible, keep some ice aside for twisted ankles. Keep sharp knives wrapped in napkins or towels, and away from small kids. If you are going outdoors, do not forget to carry sunscreen, caps, and pest repellents. Ensure that the coordinator of the picnic is informed if any members plan to get separated from the group for some activity. 

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Games and Activities

Bring along plenty of entertainment! Toys, sports equipment, splash-pools are perfect for outdoor picnics. Sports activities keep kids of all age groups engaged and entertained for long periods. Let there be something for everyone. Board games, a pack of cards, or word guessing games like dumb charades, are fun for every age group. You can also keep contests for the best photo or videos or send out kids for scavenger hunts. Music and dance are always a great hit at picnics, but be careful about disturbing other people near your picnic spot. 

Cleaning Up

All good things must come to an end. As part of your civic responsibilities, cleaning up after yourself is particularly important. This will be something that would set an example for the young ones who are part of the picnic. Get everyone involved in picking up the litter and trash, strewn around the picnic site. Put away any damp clothes into plastic bags and ensure that you leave the spot as clean and green as it was when you arrived. It shouldn’t take much effort, but it will be well appreciated by the next family, which uses the site. 


Your imagination is the only limit in successfully organizing a picnic. There are a great many fabulous memories, ready to be captured at a family picnic. There is nothing quite like spending time at a picnic with all your family members, eating and enjoying with one another. With the right planning and preparation, any day can be the perfect day for a fantastic family picnic. The endearing nature of family picnics improves family bonding and creates great memories of a lifetime.