Oasis in the desert – a new portion of myths about Dubai: you can exhibit your feelings only inside your flat

myths about Dubai

Strict behavior rules in Dubai 

The fifth myth is that strict customs operate in Dubai: you cannot walk with bare shoulders, hug in public, etc. Yes and no. On the one hand, you can suffer the fate of Samantha from the full-length “Sex and the City” who was expelled from the country for debauchery, but you have to manage to indulge in this debauchery in a public place. On the beach, in a hotel, in a nightclub, you can behave freely, but if you go to Dubai Mall during the day, it is better to limit yourself to a walk hand-in-hand and leave kisses with your beloved for later. As for the manner of dressing, then during the day on the beach everything except the habit of sunbathing topless is permissible. In the evening, the dress code is quite loose – in clubs, cafes and restaurants there are a lot of girls in mini, with a neckline and in Herve Leger. The main thing here is to know when to stop so that you are not mistaken for a call girl, whose there are enough in Dubai, given the generosity of local gentlemen. The UAE is the most democratic Muslim country, but it also has its own unspoken rules, which are quite easy to follow if you are not used to shocking the public and are not cruising for a bruising. This blog will discuss Oasis in the desert – a new portion of myths about Dubai: you can exhibit your feelings only inside your flat.

Moral principles in Dubai 

By the way, about morals. There is also a downside to the coin. Officially, Dubai is a city of strict rules. However, as in any other city in the world, there is prostitution, which has one feature – it exists under cover and is somewhat veiled, but only formally. In a city where so many expats live, it is simply impossible to imagine a principled position on this matter. Most often, priestesses of love can be found in nightclubs – the girls look quite glamorous and decent, but it is difficult to be mistaken that they are at work. Another type of paid love is salons where Asian masseuses work.

The last and most important myth about Dubai 

The sixth myth – it is expensive in Dubai. It depends on what you compare it to. Dubai taxi is several times cheaper than a European one. A trip to a good restaurant will cost the same money as in Moscow. The only thing that Dubai really does not suit budget tourism lovers is the lack of hostels and very economical accommodation options. You can find 3-star hotels in the city, but mainly, of course, the emphasis here is on 4- and 5-star hotels. Their prices are absolutely identical to those in Europe. Even cost of apartments in Dubai can be compared to other world leading countries and Dubai will surely win. 

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