How Hemp Oil & CBD Oil Is Redefining Medicine?

Redefining Medicine

The use of Cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp oils are becoming a popular trend worldwide. They are valued as supplements that provide potent anti-inflammatory properties (visit this site for more information). More importantly, the outlook of various diseases that are considered untreatable previously is considerably better. This blog will discuss How Hemp Oil & CBD Oil Is Redefining Medicine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) itself has recognized the significant benefits that hemp and CBD oils bring. To name a few, those who are looking to address symptoms for schizophrenia, relief for anxiety, and achieve better sleep can make use of these natural oils. Breakthroughs in cancer treatment have also become notable. 

Indeed, the benefits of CBD & hemp oils had become worthy of exploration in the hopes of making further improvements to human lives. Researchers report new progress and breakthroughs in cannabis use daily. Now that the government of different nations gradually approves its use for medical purposes, exciting things are in store for the medical community and beyond. 

Here are just some of the ways that hemp and CBD oils are redefining medicine the way that we know it: 

  1. Cannabis and Epilepsy: GW Pharmaceuticals, a UK-based company, discovered and created Epidiolex, a drug that is now used to treat epilepsy. Using data that the company made available, the US Food and Drug Administration, together with an advisory committee, recommended the drug for use. If approved, Epidiolex will be the first medication derived from plants that will be used in the states. 
  2. Cannabis and Alzheimer’s: new studies have proven that THC molecules attack Alzheimer’s by eliminating amyloid from the brain and relieving inflammation. Supplementary works are still ongoing to discover how cannabis can stop Alzheimer’s from developing, as well as ways on how it can reverse the harmful effects of the disease. 
  3. Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis: a study by researchers at the University of Manitoba, Canada, showed the possibility of treating neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis patients. Preliminary studies using mice have yielded positive results so far. If the success of the research continues, they will begin developing the oil for human use.
  4. Cannabis and Chemotherapy: new research published by the University of London has shown that THC and CBD improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs. The study shows that when THC and CBD are used alongside chemotherapy, the results are better than when undergoing chemotherapy alone. If these findings are further confirmed, cancer patients will begin to receive chemo drugs in lower doses. CBD and THC will play a key role in the treatment, effectively reducing the harsh effects of chemotherapy for the patients.
  5. Cannabis and Brain Cancer: Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is an often fatal and type of cancer with the chance at survival of about 70%. However, most patients already pass away within two years after getting past their first diagnosis. In line with this, GW Pharmaceuticals made a groundbreaking discovery on how cannabis can aid in cancer treatment. Based on their study of two groups of patients, the life expectancy of the experimental group (those who received the cannabinoids) increased by six months compared to the order group. Further research is still ongoing to improve the expectancy beyond six months.

The stigma involving medical cannabis is still very much existent. However, every new study brings the general public closer to accepting the compounds as safe and effective treatments for existing medical conditions.