Poster Ideas To Customize Your Dorm Room

Customize Your Dorm Room

College can be a time of metamorphosis for many people and it can be easy to lose your identity and individualism in the large array of students there. Dorm rooms can be your haven at these trying times which is why you have to make sure it seems as homey as possible. Customize your dorm room and cover your surroundings with your favorite things that help you feel at ease and that will portray your tastes to your classmates. 

The majority of the young people going off to college are on a tight budget. The money they do have is spent on food and fun activities, not on room decorations. This is why it is greatly befitting to choose posters to customize your room with. Posters are a safe choice to customize your dorm room decoration. They are cheap, easy to hang, and can be very bold and eye-catching. 

Importance of Symmetry and Asymmetry in a Limited Space for Designing

Designing the limited space in your dorm room can be tricky. Take into account the usage of symmetry and asymmetry.


One interior design tip for decorating walls is to hang posters in odd numbers, never even numbers. It brings a sense of asymmetry to the room that can be regarded as an artistic notion. 

The asymmetric layout always seems to add dynamics and energy to the room. For an asymmetric arrangement, use posters of different sizes with one general storyline with the distances between posters to be around 7-10 cm. 

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In other cases, contrasting options are appropriate. Posters with the same dimensions and frames are perfect for a symmetrical arrangement. This method balances the interior well, making it rigorous and stable. 

At Fine Art America you have access to a wide plethora of posters with varying sizes and shapes to choose from. A personalized collage can be made by selecting your favorite photos and prints and be the architect of the creation process. The poster prints are ready to be hung which makes it an easy addition to any dorm room.

After-Effect of Posters

A poster in your room or dormitory can be used to evoke two outcomes:

  • A Necessary Energy Boost

If you don’t see yourself as a morning person, go for typography fashioned posters to indulge yourself in a little wave of morning motivation before class. Make use of vibrant and saturated colors that will titillate your senses to come alive. Dorm rooms can be small, plain, and often have little to no natural light so it is best to stick with colorful posters.

  • A Soothing Effect for Meditation

College can be stressful at its worst and some downtime is necessary to soothe out those exam nerves. Choose pastel-colored poster prints of abstract patterns to bring about a lulling effect to your room. Colors such as blue, white, grey, purple, green, or mint are known for stimulating the neurons positively. Do not hesitate to incorporate them into your room with art.

Additional Poster Decoration Ideas and Tips
  1. Add frames to a poster if it does not look refined enough. Use a poster rail to bring some added flair.
  2. Color coordinate your posters with other items in your room.
  3. Create a collage of several posters for a more sophisticated effect.
  4. A poster can be used as a bookend for dual-purpose decoration.


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