Protecting Your Home and Property

Protecting Your Home and Property

Our homes are an amalgamation of all of our work and all of the things we love. But, unfortunately, burglaries and crimes happen that can make it difficult to feel safe at home.

If you’re nervous about your property and want to ensure that it’s safe, these are some of the top ways for protecting your home and property.

Ensure All Entrances Are Locked

Please take a look at all of the entrances of your home, from doors to windows and even pet doors: and ensure they’re locked and safe when you aren’t within twenty feet of them.  Most burglaries happen in the middle of the day, when many of us are at work, and forgetting to lock or shut a window or door may leave your home open to being one of the properties that are hit. 

Take the time to take care of your property and ensure that nobody will get in and damage or take your belongings.

Join the Neighborhood Watch

The neighborhood watch is a fantastic program that allows you to promise to help your neighbors if they need it in the hopes that they’ll help you in return when you’re in need.  

This is an awesome option for anyone who wants to be more active in their community and is willing to put in a little work to ensure that everyone is safe.

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Find A Security System That Works For You

One of the best ways to protect your home and property is to get a house alarm system that will alert you to any hazards or trouble. These systems can be expensive, depending on the amount of detail put into them, but they’re awesome for anyone who wants to keep their property as safe as possible.

With most security systems, you have the chance to alert criminals that you know they’re on your property, which may allow you to call the cops and scare them away.

Avoid Security Theater

Don’t do things like buying a fake security company sign or putting up counterfeit cameras.  Although this may scare away a couple of thieves, most who have done this before know whether or not these are fake: and can call you on it.

A fake camera or fake security system sign isn’t going to save your property.  The phony camera won’t record the faces or stature of burglars, and a fake security sign isn’t going to alert emergency services when someone breaks in.  Avoid these mistakes.

Be Aware Of Who You Share Your Information With

Over fifty percent of burglars knew their victims before they committed the crime.  There’s no way to tell who you know will be capable of these crimes, so it’s better to be generally careful about who you share information with.  If you’re going on vacation, don’t post it on social media, and avoid telling anyone safety information like your safe’s pin or where you keep things that are valuable in your home.  

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Crime happens every day, so it’s important to take steps for protecting your home and your belongings within it!  Following these tips can give you the chance to feel safe.