Random and Interesting Facts That You Need to Know

Random and Interesting Facts That You Need to Know

Curiosity is always what motivates people to learn new things and gaining wisdom. The more curious you are, the more you want to explore ideas and research about stuff. Even with your current knowledge, you still have things that we need to discover and things that we need to tackle. What you know in life is only the tip on the iceberg of facts that you still don’t know. And the best part is that there are countless new exciting things for you to know.

If you want to learn new things, you have to research and let all the information sync-in. You need to understand that there will be times that you will get curious and feel the urge to learn about new things. Besides this article, you can also check out more random interesting facts and enjoy reading them. So here are some random and interesting facts that you need to know.

The First Color a Baby Can See is Red

Out of many colors, the red color has the highest wavelength. Therefore, it is much easier for a baby’s developing eyes to process color red. You can always grab the nearest book for babies to confirm this. Even if they are still in their mother’s womb, babies can distinguish between dark and light. And after they are born, they can see shapes through the following lines where darkness and light meet. But still, they need to be weeks old to see their primary first color, which is red.

Babies first months and weeks, they start learning to use their vision. While their eyes have the structure needed to start seeing things, their two eyes are not fully functional yet, and their “binocular vision” start developing quickly within the first few months and weeks of their lives.

Bad Breath Can be Cured by Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are famous for neutralizing odor, and that’s the reason why perfume shops make their customers sniff some coffee beans when they want to try variations of fragrances. However, people need to munch them if they’re going to deodorize their mouth, and drinking coffee can worsen individuals breath by bacteria. You can forget about chewing gum and strong mints because this method is effective and proven.

Scientists also discovered that coffee beans extract can avoid the bacteria build-up in your mouth. It is also true that drinking coffee can cause bad breath because it becomes strong when you mix it with milk and can turn into a smelly substance. But on the contrary, there are components found in coffee that can get rid of bad breath. The discovery can also turn into a new mouthwash type.

Flower Growth is Faster When Their is Music

Of course, some of us already encountered the golden question, “Does plant also have feelings?” Individuals with a green perspective might say yes, but science still has to figure it out. However, plants show a response to specific stimuli in a new method. The best example is when you play a lullaby near plants, they grow faster. However, they tend to die or wilt with heavy music. Even if plants do have or don’t have feelings, they are still gentle souls.

It might be strange to play music for the plants, but research claims that different types of music can boost their growth. It’s the sound wave’s vibrations that stimulate the growth factor. Also, the sound doesn’t only impact growth and evolution might have even given plants the sense to warn them about their predators.


You can also find out more interesting facts so that you will have fun reading them. Nothing beats the experience of gaining wisdom and knowing the things that you thought never existed before.