From rags to riches with live Roulette

riches with live Roulette

It doesn’t get much better than Roulette online, apart from when it comes to live Roulette online! Live Roulette combines everything we already know and love about the game, with an exciting live element, that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. There are a wide variety of different live Roulette games on offer, ranging dramatically in their minimum wagers. Keep reading to find you which game you should be looking out for, depending on your budget! From rags to riches with live Roulette

Live Quantum Roulette

This is one for the penny-pinchers, with gameplay starting from as little as 0.20 coins! Despite the price point, this great game has a lot more to offer than you might think. Live Quantum Roulette contains many different betting options, as well as the chance to win up to 500x your original bet. 

As is standard practice in Roulette, you will find 37 numbers across the expertly spun wheel, ranging from 0 to 36. With 0.20 coins being the minimum, it’s important to note that you may also place a bet of up to 500 coins, should you feel so lucky! You may bet on a number of aspects of the game such as: single numbers, groups of numbers, dozens, columns, odd or even, red or black and high or low outcomes. The prize you’ll receive for a correct prediction will be based on how specific your bet’s stipulations are, resulting in a payout that is anywhere between 1x and 35x your initial wager.

As well as these standard rules, Live Quantum Roulette also packs another special kind of punch. The game features several multipliers, hidden behind random numbers on the wheel. The multipliers are distributed at random, and their prizes can top 500x your first bet. 

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Paddy Power Live Football Roulette

A rather unusual take on live Roulette, this game allows players to get up close and personal with the finest in online live croupiers, as well as indulging in their favourite sport. The football aspect of this creation comes into play with a live game of our beloved footie playing out behind the wheel, also being commented on by your expert croupier. Gameplay starts at a reasonable 0.50 coins, also allowing you to place a stake of up 200 coins if you like to be a little more daring!

Before you watch the wheel spin, you must make your prediction on where the ball will land. You can also combine your Roulette bets with your own football predictions, thanks to the stats that appear along the top of the screen! As you place your bets on the wheel, you stand to win a payout of up to 35x your original bet, when betting on singular numbers. 

This game really has it all, combining two of the most popular subjects of betting, along with the added live-in-your-own-home feature! 

Emulating the brick-and-mortar vibes, these two games allow players to join the live-action fun without having to even move from the sofa – what more could you ask for?


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