SMS Tracker: Uses and Advantages

sms tracker

SMS trackers are a type of software that is used to uncover detailed information about the content and delivery of messages. SMS trackers can be used to analyze messages to find delivery patterns, error conditions, and encoding details. Sending messages might look like a one-click process, but a message sent from your device takes a long route.

A message sent from your device is encoded and segmented for the downstream carrier, navigated to the global carrier network, and assembled and displayed on the screen of the recipient. If a message delivery process fails, there can be a problem in any of the above stages. SMS trackers help you identify the exact problem that needs to be diagnosed.

How Does it Work?

After installing the software, it makes a backup copy of the call log in your device. The tracker then downloads the data in your account and allows you to control it at any point in time. But how can it help you?

SMS trackers are an excellent invention for parental control purposes. If you are a parent and your kid spends way too much time texting, you might want to do some investigation. However, manually checking your kid’s phone is not a good idea as your kid might think of you as someone who is breaching their privacy. SMS tracking software can be of great service to help you with this trouble. SMS trackers mainly revolve around the messages that are being sent or received to and from the device.

One of the best parts of SMS trackers is that you can use them remotely. Therefore, you don’t need any physical access to the target device. However, you need to install small spyware in the intended device and then synchronize it with your account. All the tracked information will be sent to your account, which can be then downloaded and analyzed.

Uses of SMS Trackers

SMS Tracker helps you analyze the messaging process from head to toe, giving a clear insight into any problems and the possible solutions. The features of SMS trackers are listed below.

Delivery Status

An SMS tracking software provided real-time insights when a message is successfully delivered, queued, or canceled by the carrier. A good SMS tracking software provides information regarding the delivery status of a message.

* Phone of the receiver is switched off or unavailable.

* Phone number of the receiver is blocked or not available, leading to the canceled delivery.

* The content of the message violated the rules of the carrier.

* A lot of messages were sent in a quick interval.

Content of Messages

The content of your messages: numbers, alphabets, emojis, pictures dictate how your message is encoded and how it is sent. But, different carriers have different encoding mechanisms which often leads to a discrepancy between the sent and the received messages. An SMS tracking software allows you to understand how your message was encoded or formatted, and can also help in logging the original message of compliance.

Tracking of Conversations

A good SMS tracking software also allows you to track message conversations between two phone numbers with the help of HTTP cookies. To do so, you need to create a unique cookie for every phone pair and then store the cookie messages between the pair of numbers.

Actions of the User

Although infrastructure provides a lot of information about the content and delivery, nothing can replace direct user feedback. Many SMS tracking software gathers information about the user actions and combines it with SMS to provide information like:

* A passcode received by the user via SMS to enter into a website or application.

* A temporary password has been entered by the user

* A user sends a reply to a message in the form of a message or call

* A user clicks on a link in a message

These actions can be used and analyzed to identify network issues and to the necessary diagnoses to improve delivery rates. The ultimate goal of SMS tracking systems is to improve the message delivery process and help you identify complications in the messaging process. To do so, SMS tracking software paid and free proxy server list uses network data and various monitoring techniques.

Some Benefits of Using SMS Tracking Software

Apart from monitoring the messages on a device, SMS trackers also provide some additional benefits and information like:

* It gives you access to the social network of your children

* It helps you identify what your kid likes or dislikes

* It helps you identify the current situation of your kid and any potential problems which your kid might get into.


SMS tracking software was initially introduced for companies to track the status and the delivery process of their messages. These types of software provide in-depth information about the message delivery process and the problems in delivery. However, since the past few years, these types of software are widely used by parents to monitor their kids’ messaging and social circles.