Street Fighter 6- Release Date, Trailer, and More Facts!

Street Fighter 6

About Street Fighter 6

If you are a hardcore one-on-one fighting game enthusiast, then you must be eagerly waiting for Street Fighter 6! As an action gamer, you must be aware of the enormous wave created by Street Fighter’s fifth Instalment. However, before we dig into the details about the 6th edition of Street Fighter, let us know about the entire action-packed series first.

The Legendary Fighting Game

The saga of this incredible fighting game started in the late ’80s. To be precise, the first Instalment of Street Fighter 6 came out in 1987. This was an era where arcade gaming was at its all-time high. The game series Street Fighter is made by a gaming company called Capcom. The reason this game took off is the various power combo moves, crazy characters and intense gameplay. In the late ’80s and ’90s, the gaming world was not much about animation or storyline. It was majorly about the entertainment factor. Late-night arcade gaming has taken over the World as far as gaming is concerned.

Distinct Factors of Street Fighter

Street Fighter 6

There were a lot of different/various factors that made Streetfighter an immediate hit with the public. One of the main factors that people fell in love with was the fast gameplay. Moreover, the various characters were a great way to involve various groups of people and their favourite characters. visit here for more details 

Furthermore, the intense moves and deadly combos were something new for the whole gaming world. People of all ages and groups instantly fell in love with this game. Slowly, after the very first Instalment of Street Fighter, the company came out with the second edition. However, the second edition had more advanced moves and better graphics as well. Slowly this game became got a huge fan following around the World.

Furthermore, Another element that gave a boost the this game’s popularity was the rise of gaming consoles. In the early ’90s, new and compact gaming consoles become extremely popular. Moreover, the widespread of home-based gaming consoles also gave easy access to a lot of kids and families to try out new games that were coming out in that era.

What About the 6th Instalment?

Street fighter 6

Now, after the immense popularity of Street Fighter 5, gaming enthusiasts all across the world are waiting for its upcoming 6th Instalment desperately. The makers of Street Fighter were dropping a few hints that the game might drop soon, or it may be in the making. That is all the fans were waiting for. Right after the first clue/hint, the fans started creating various theories and production as to when this game would be launched. Let’s see what all we know about the 6th Instalment of this outstanding game series.

Where Can We Play?

Well, nothing has been announced by the officials of Capcom or the gaming team. According to some back sources, there are rumours that it may come out exclusively for PS5 and XBOX series. Moreover, the P.C. gamers may have to wait for the P.C. version that may come out later. After playing the 5th version of Street Fighter, we already know that the team is working extremely hard to enhance the graphics. So, it is somewhat evident that the game will be coming out on high-end consoles only.

What About Some New Additions? 

Actually, the company has not let out much information about this game which is most likely in the trial stage. However, as we already know that the Street Fighting team has over 35 characters now. So, hopefully, we will get to see even more impressive and crazy characters in the upcoming Instalment soon! There are also rumours that the makers of S.F. 5 may also bring some of the O.G. characters back as well.

When Can We Expect to Play it?

As of now, all we (the gamers) can do is guess the best possible date for the Street Fighter 6 release date. Since the makers keep the game info, updates, and release date secret, we cannot verify any actual date. However, currently, we know this much that the game is in its testing stage. So, the most we can do is guess the approx date and month when the new Instalment of this game will be launched. As per the sources, the latest that we can get our hands on the 6th Instalment is later 2022 or early 2023. However, with time, more and more versions and console options will roll out eventually. 

Is there Any Trailer for Street Fighter 6?

In short, the answer is no. Since the gaming company is trying to keep it all undercover. Currently, there are no trailers or teasers out for this upcoming game. However, if you look up youtube, you can check out some good fan-made videos for the 6th Instalment of Street Fighter.  

Some Facts About Street Fighter Game Series 


Inspired Character 

If you have played the various characters of this intense fighting game, you would know that there are multiple characters that real-life people somewhat inspire. One such incredible real-life inspiration is the popular character of Mike Bison. Yes, you know it already! Mike Tyson inspires the heavy punching fighter in the series. With the heavy gloves and ripped body, it is not impossible to figure out the real-life inspiration behind this. 

Ahead of its Time 

Now, if you are familiar with Capcom gaming companies, you will know that they have always been ahead of time. One such example of this is when they introduced the pressure-sensitive buttons for the first street fighter! Now that we look back, back in the late ’80s, no gaming company came up with such a creative concept. When the street fighter was decked up in the arcade, people were elated to know that the company brought in such a new concept. 

Beyond Game

By looking at the massive following of Street Fighter in the 80s’ and 90s’, a movie with the theme of street fighter was also released. The movie had the same animation and style to give the same feel and effect. It was to expand the franchise and fanbase of the game. Overall, it was a good publicity stunt to gain more attention towards the game. Also, the gamers who were in love with the game’s various characters loved the movie as well. 

Multiple Alternatieves

As the game was leading the one-on-one compact genre in the gaming world. People there would be multiple games that would come out with the same concept. Just after a few years of Street Fighter, numerous gaming companies made games on the same concept and story like this. However, no game could come close to the fantastic and fast gameplay of Street Fighter. Despite the better graphics of various similar games, people kept themselves busy with S.F. only! 

Chronology Details 

After the initial launch and success of the Street Fighter Part 1, the second part was in the pipeline soon. The follow-up game was meant to be the second part of the game. However, due to its name, which was called; Street Fighter – the Finale, people, took it is as the sequel to the first part. Therefore, the company planned to let out the new game as the second Instalment to the first part. 

Same Genre, Different Concept. 

Another special move that Capcom made with Street Fighter 2 was giving individual identity to different characters in the game. Before this, arcade fighting games had the same moves and powers. From the 2nd Instalment of Street Fighter 2, the developers changed the game by bringing in new actions and capabilities given to different players. 

Record-Breaking Impact

A lot of Street Fighter players may not know this but, this fantastic game has managed to break several world records! This helped to expand the reach and exposure of this game as well. 

Still Leading 

It is one of the only gaming series that has come up with so many instalments and yet still managed to lead the markets. Also, it is the leading game under the Capcom flagship as well. Capcom, as a game developing company, has several games of different genres; however, no such game can come close and compete with Street Fighter. 

World’s First!

The Streetfighter series has a long list of World’s first. Along with the pressure-sensitive buttons, another world’s first by this game was to make an independent female game character that had equal powers as all the rest of the players. As the gaming community welcomed the female crowd, this gave the whole movement a considerable boost. Finally, there was a game where the ladies could choose a female character and play against male characters that had queal strength. 


We are sure that after reading through the facts about Street Fighter, now the wait for Street Fighter 6 has intensified. We hope to see the game come out soon in the later 2022 or early 2023. Moreover, we also wish that the 6th Instalment of Street Fighter comes out to more consoles and even in P.C.!