Teenagers Making Billions on NFTs


“Non-Fungible Token” is referred to as NFT. An NFT, in essence, is your digital content (photos, artwork, videos, or other art projects you choose to advertise), which is connected to the Web3.0 blockchain network and confirmed to buyers as authentic. Simply put, think of NFTs as “video game skins” that you trade outside of video games and are your original works of art. A solution that employs the same verification methods to validate cryptocurrency as it does to certify your artwork. This is in high demand due to the $2 trillion cryptocurrency market powering Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Sheila, and dozens of other projects. As a result, every week, NFTs are sold for over $2.5 billion.

Many artists have sold their works as NFTs and generated considerable profits. Surprisingly, a lot of millionaire musicians are still in high school. That could be a little difficult to believe. However, keep in mind that in less than a year, the entire NFT sales volume increased from $94.9 million to more than $23 billion, meaning that a lot of money has been moving about in the NFT ecosystem (to put it mildly). Well, that is even greater than you can win a tournament through famous channels such as ggbet sports or any other similar operator.

Furthermore, younger artists don’t seem as afraid about experimenting with web3. In contrast, most experienced content creators still seem reluctant to link their names and brands to anything about NFTs. As a result, the NFT ecosystem has seen the emergence of several creative young creators. The kids of the NFT space (NFTeens, if you will) have been utilizing blockchain technology to produce some real cash and some great art, earning roughly $4 million from one project and appearing in the world’s most prestigious auction houses.

The Most Interest in NFTs Countries 

Country Average Searches for “What is an NFT?” per 100,000 People per Month
  1. Singapore
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  1. Guam
  1. Australia
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  1. Canada


FEWOCiOUS: NFT sales of $26 million

Victor Langlois, a digital artist from Las Vegas who first developed an interest in art at 13, goes by the name “FEWOCiOUS.” The now-19-year-old artist, also known as FEWO, will become widely recognized by the end of 2020. He is now one of the most famous young artists in the NFT field. FEWO, renowned for his vibrant, identity-centred work, has published a wide range of NFTs over the past year on almost all of the most well-liked NFT platforms, and some of his works have even been sold at auction utilizing Christie’s and Sotheby’s. His artwork has brought in little about $26 million in sales, according to CryptoArt. As a result, FEWO has outperformed many of his NFT contemporaries and some renowned artists working in the traditional art world, making him a poster child for the NFT movement.

Nyla Hayes: $4 million in NFT sales

A 13-year-old crypto-artist named Nyla Hayes succeeded in 2021 with her Long Neckie NFTs. Hayes was quoted as TIMEPieces’ inaugural artist in residence in October, according to the NFT community project of Time magazine. Hayes discussed her background in art and NFTs in the fall issue of TIME for Kids, stating that she first started drawing at the age of four and developed an interest in digital painting at nine. Through OpenSea, the sales of Hayes’ 3,333-piece Long Neckie Ladies collection have reached over 1,573 ETH (more than $4 million).

Jaiden Stipp: sold $1 million worth of NFT

One of the most active young musicians in the NFT scene, Jasti, real name Jaiden Stipp, is a 16-year-old. Jasti became quite interested in NFTs at the start of 2021 and decided to invest. He rapidly created and sold his first NFT for 20 ETH ($30,377). In an interview with NFT today, Stipp commented that his parents were first dubious — and more than a bit perplexed — by all the crypto he made. But everything changed when he cashed out, converting a sizable sum of ETH to USD and depositing it into his bank account. According to CryptoArt, he has made over $1 million from his works.

Benyamin Ahmed: NFT sales of $5 million

Around the conclusion of the summer of 2021, 12-year-old coder Benyamin Ahmed rose to fame on NFT. The teenage artist gained international attention in August of that year after the triumphant debut of his 3,350-piece NFT collection, Weird Whales. Early in 2021, Ahmed first became aware of NFTs. He then tried his luck at making and selling his tokens, beginning with a collection based on the game Minecraft. He then set out to make a derivative collection after falling in love with CryptoPunks and combining pixelated whales with punk characteristics. Weird Whales has generated more than 1,837 ETH through OpenSea and is even credited with helping Gremplin develop his renowned CrypToadz project.

Jstngraphics: NFT sales of $500 000

Digital artist Justin Bodnar, known by the online handle jstngraphics, is a 17-year-old Seattle resident. Bodnar soon established himself in the NFT market in 2021 with his fantastical, dreamy landscape shots. Although Bodnar hasn’t finished high school, his six or more years of graphic design work have brought him recognition in the NFT sector. He currently works part-time as a digital artist and photographer, and SuperRare is typically used to mint his NFTs. His works have sold for more than $500,000, according to CryptoArt.