The history of blackjack – An origin story


Blackjack is one of the most stylish and entertaining casino games that many people enjoy. Its origins start from the 16th century and since then, we have seen many different versions developed. If we look at its popularity, it goes without a doubt that blackjack games won’t go out of style anytime soon. 

So, exactly where and how was this game created? Let’s find out together! 

The Origins of Blackjack

Some people believe that blackjack was invented by the Romans. According to this, Romans enjoyed gambling a lot, however, this theory is not proved by actual facts. It is thought that they were playing the game with wooden blocks instead of paper cards. These blocks had various numbers painted on them. 

Later, blackjack games spread throughout North America. Thanks to French colonists, the card game spread to the new continent in the 18th century. After a century, the game did not develop much in France. During this period, though, the game evolved and acquired popularity in America. Surprisingly, the regulations of Blackjack during the time were not the same as they are now. For example, in older blackjack games, you as a player wouldn’t be able to double. Only the dealer had the possibility to do so. 

Further Development of Blackjack

In the 20th century, the ancestor of blackjack was still known as 21 in some parts of America. However, soon after that the card game 21 got a new name that we all call it now – blackjack. Many casinos decided to advertise the game throughout the country. For that reason, players could get bonus payments that would encourage them to play more.

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The extra rewards became less common as the game grew in popularity. It is also important to note that some rules have also changed. Blackjack games that you are playing at online casinos today are the result of many years of development. 

Blackjack Arrives at Online Casinos

With the development of internet casinos, users could now play blackjack from home. Unfortunately, the main disadvantage of playing blackjack online was the absence of an atmosphere. Casino games were broadcast from land-based casinos, and the perspective of the game was hazy due to technological limitations at the time. Furthermore, interacting with dealers was impossible. 

In 2006, new and better playing experiences were introduced thanks to the construction of high-quality studios for live casino games. The new method had advantages since the video quality was better. There were additional cameras through which participants could see the game. And the gamblers could also engage with the dealer, just as in a land-based casino. Additionally, the blackjack games could host an unlimited number of players. 

Blackjack Today 

This game has remained hugely popular so far in the 21st century.  It is still one of the most popular games at casinos. They allow you to play blackjack anytime, from any location. All you need is a desktop or mobile device with an active internet connection. 

Like many other online casino games, there has recently been an emergence of very exciting blackjack tournaments. You can find them at online casinos, and players have the chance to win huge prizes. If you are lucky enough, you can win more than $1 million dollars. How exciting is that? 

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Did you know that there is the Blackjack Hall of Fame in California? It opened in 2002 and represents some of the most famous blackjack gamblers. One good example of this is Don Johnson who was able to win about $15 million playing gambling games. Here, you can also get familiar with some of the Harvard students who employed a card-counting strategy for blackjack. 

Fun Fact about the Blackjack Hall of Fame

The Barona Resort and Casino created the hall of fame in California. And – the casino and its honored members can visit the place anytime they want to. However, there is one strict agreement that they do not play at any of the casino tables. 


We believe that blackjack will undoubtedly continue to develop.  As new technology arises and attitudes shift, blackjack’s colorful history suggests that new versions will emerge. If you enjoy gambling games with a rich history but also the ability to evolve, blackjack is a perfect choice. 

While playing this game, you can also employ different strategies that help you win more. With time, and patience, it is possible to master it in no time. 

Don’t forget to start playing at casinos that own a license. And like all other games, this one is about having fun. That’s why you should gamble responsibly.