The Men’s Casual and Smart: 5 Tips to Get That Style Right

Men’s Casual and Smart 5 Tips to Get That Style Right

For most young men today, custom suits and silk ties are not much useful in dressing their way into their ordinary lives. Although these formal fashion essentials are ideal to wear for those young businessmen out there, they are not the hot thing for guys who simply want to look sharp in their casual wear.  


Nowadays, you can find a lot of casual clothing that can also pass according to the refined and sophisticated style category. These trendy clothing can give you the cool and laid-back aura while pulling you away from the prim and overly formal style. 


Long gone are the days that men would wear jeans, a simple white shirt, and a pair of ragged sneakers. Most men nowadays know their style and just like women, will flaunt it. If you want to know how to dress casually and still look smart, here are the fashion tips that you can follow. So take a read!

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Some Fashion Layering

If you want to make an uninteresting outfit look interesting, you should try doing layering. However, some guys feel a bit intimidated when it comes to layering their outfit. They always say that they don’t know how to match a piece of clothing to another to pull off the right layers. 

However, you can manage the right layers with even simple clothes. You only need to contrast the styles and colors to make it alright. For instance, you can don a white tee underneath a gray sweater. It’s a simple combination, but it adds detail to your overall style. 

Put Accessories on Your Wrist

Wrist accessories are excellent fashion essentials to wear to make your overall casual outfit look smart. Also, when you don’t have something on your wrist, your fashion style will look dull. 

For you to accessorize your wrist, you can wear a leather bracelet or a nice watch or both. When you are thinking of an accessory to wear on your wrist, you can’t go wrong with wearing the most watches like those from Breitling . Watches are almost automatic for any guy’s outfit. These accessories make a guy look important and elegant at the same time. 

If watches aren’t your type, you can go for a simple paracord bracelet. These accessories are also trending and a lot of men wear them. Since paracord bracelets come in a lot of colors, go for a shade that can match your outfit. If you’re the daring type, go for a color that matches your personality instead. 

Sneakers Aren’t the Only Pair

Do you want to look smart while wearing a casual outfit, right? Well, you have to ditch your sneakers for now and shift to a type of footwear that gives you a little bit of dignity. For instance, you can go for a pair of brown leather shoes to create a smart casual look for yourself. 

There are also other options such as a pair of desert boots. Desert boots provide your feet the comfy feel the way sneakers do, but this pair is more dignified than the latter. Another good pair to wear for a smart-casual style are loafers. Known for its minimalist and simple looks, loafers also come in a lot of colors that can match your style as well.

Add Chinos to Your Wardrobe

Jeans are undeniably a classic fashion staple, but, when you wear it on a daily basis, there’s a chance that it can throw you into a fashion rut. For you to avoid this so-called fashion rut, you can add some variety to your legwear by wearing some chinos. 

If you have a pair of chinos in your closet, you can now double your chance to create the right fashion get-up that you want for yourself. Make it one pair at the beginning, and you can add some more to it sooner or later. You can go for gray or caramel colors and stay away from lime green or other bright colored chinos. 

Wear a Blazer that Transcends Your Casual Get-Up

You don’t need suits for you to look sophisticated. With the help of a perfectly fitted blazer, you can now smarten your casual style into something sharp. Yes, this fashion wear is not only ideal for business events because you can also wear it when you are going to the mall or meeting friends, for example. 

Blazers are the ideal clothing to wear if you want to accentuate your body. They also look stylish and keep you on the fashion trend. 


There are a lot of ways to transform your casual outfit into something smart casual. You only need to be creative with it and make sure that you strike a balance of the different fashion pieces you wear. By adding layers, wearing the right accessories, and doing the other tips mentioned above, you’re one step ahead from other guys who claim to be “on top” of their style.