Things to Consider When Buying Extra Large Wall Art for Home


You might be thinking about what to do with your empty wall to make it look like a focal point of your home. Here extra large wall arts can help you out.

These wall arts help to make your wall look elegant and also take your interior to the next level. But buying extra large wall art for your home can be a frightening way to start with.

It can be time consuming as well as an expensive process. In this guide, you will learn about things that you must consider looking for the perfect piece of extra large wall arts for your home.

1. Consider the Size of Your Room and Art


First of all, you have to consider where you will place your big wall art. If you have a large room with blank walls, then these wall arts will look more graceful.

The artwork that you want to buy must take up between two-thirds to three-quarters of the space on the wall. Wall art that does not cover most of the wall may leave your wall look boring, empty, as well as uninspiring.

Huge wall art has more impact on a space as well as on people. There are different shapes and dimensions of large wall arts. So choose the one that looks nice with the size and furniture of your room.

2. Find Your Style For Home

Discovering your unique style of artwork can be overwhelming, but it can be a fun experience as well. Do some research for different styles as well as artists of extra-large artwork so that it matches up with your fashion.

There are various websites and applications that can help you to narrow down your thoughts. You can also visit local galleries and art museums.

Some examples of extra large wall art styles are minimalist wall art, pop wall art, urban wall art, abstract wall art, nature wall art, surreal digital art, and more. You must go for those large wall arts that suit well with your furniture and other decorative pieces.

Or you can also pick the one that completely fits with the overall theme of your interior, whether modern or contemporary.  You can also prefer pale shades for extra large wall arts as they match with every home interior.

3. Select Extra Size Wall Art By Color

When it comes to wall art, there is a huge difference between interior palettes as well as the color of art. Always pick the one that complements the color of your wall.

For instance, on neutral walls, go for bright color art pieces as they will look great and also enhance the look of your room. On the other side, for a dark wall, light color canvas prints will look astonishing. You must consider the given below tips to choose extra large wall art color:

  • For creating more impact of the wall art present in your room, its background color should match up with the color of your wall.
  • When you are in doubt to select the color of the extra size wall piece, go for options with black and white colors. These two colors will always look great on all type of interior designs.
  • To make your wall art look amazing as well as a central point in the room goes with an equal proportion of art color designs.

Final Words

Focus on all these elements while choosing extra large wall art for your home.