Things You Didn’t Know About The Burger King

Things you Didn’t Know About Burger King

Most of the world knows Burger King as the big rival to McDonald’s. Some people know it as the ‘Kingdom of the Whopper’ while others just enjoy everything they have to offer. But other than that, there are many interesting things about Burger King that many people didn’t know. Today, you are going to be enlightened.

After being founded in the year 1953, Burger King has had its fair share of ups and downs. It has been bought and sold quite a few times and has been subject to many controversies over the years. With its record-breaking sales and its neck-to-neck competition with McDonald’s, there’s much more Burger King serves other than burgers.

With some research, I have gathered some interesting facts about Burger King that prove it’s not all sunny under their blue roof. From their unique and controversial advertisements to their different ventures, I have you covered. There’s also something about the secret menu and little gems from its history books. There’s much to learn.

So, with this, let’s see some of the interesting and surprising things you didn’t know about Burger King. You’ll find a lot more than paper crowns.

1 .Insta-Burger King

If you think that this is a part of their Instagram campaign, then you’re completely wrong. The Burger King used to be called the Insta-Burger King, back in the ’50s when it was first launched. It was then sold to another owner who didn’t like the ‘Insta’ much (not an influencer, huh!) and decided to call it ‘Burger King’ and the franchise as we know it. 

2. ‘Hot Dog King?’

If their impact on the burger industry wasn’t enough, they went on and ventured into the kingdom of hot dogs. Yes, you heard right! Burger King decided that it’ll like to sell hot dogs as well. But it wasn’t without losing their signature taste. So, their hot dogs came in variety with toppings from the Whopper, their signature sauces and also, chili.

3. Hungry Jacks In The Down Under

This is not the title of your nursery rhyme but a fact about the Burger King, or should I say Hungry Jacks. Due to the issue with the copyright of the name, Burger King in Australia is called Hungry Jacks. So, it would be a good thing to keep in mind if you visit Australia and crave a Whopper.

4. The Suicide Burger

I have found through research that Burger King is a fan of dark humor. So, it would only make sense when I tell you that they have an item called ‘The Suicide Burger’ on their secret menu. It is named like that for a good reason. The burger under question has not two or three but four meat patties. Not only this, but it also has an abundance of cheese slices and bacon with a generous amount of special sauce. People seem to get the humor, though, as this is a very popular item.

5. Charcoal Buns

Japan loves to experiment with food. So, naturally, their Burger King has a unique item; the black burger buns. But even though we would think that it’d be harmful, due to our prejudice. The black buns are actually safe to eat and have been dyed with bamboo charcoal. Such a unique twist!

6. Sarah Michelle Geller’s Buff

Sarah Michelle Geller, who we all know as Buffy starred in a Burger King commercial in 1981; she was only a little girl then. The thing is, the advertisement was not decent about the Mcdonald’s rivalry and claimed boldly that Burger King’s burgers were better than its rivals. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with McDonald’s who filed a lawsuit. Long story short, Sarah Michelle Geller can never go to a McDonald’s again.

7. Customization Available

You might not know this, neither did I, that there are actually a lot of customization options available, and you can customize almost everything on their menu. You can also tell how to make your shake, cool, right!

8. Whopper Has Been Here Long Before You

Many people don’t know this, but the Whopper has actually been the signature patty for many decades now. When James McLamore and David Edgerton bought the ‘Insta Burger King,’ they not only renamed it but also created its patty, which is what we know as the Whopper today.

9. The Everchanging Logo

From its existence till now, Burger King has changed its logo quite a few times. It started with a hand-drawn king logo, then eventually evolved to the text in the bun that we see today.

10. Around The World

It might not be a surprise that Burger King has expanded all over the world. It has about 13000 locations in about 79 countries and no sign of stopping. So, now you can have a Whopper even when you are traveling to a foreign land. 


So, these were some of the interesting and surprising facts about Burger King. So, if you like Burger King or not, I am sure you enjoyed these. Till next time, I am going to enjoy a Whopper and fries.