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Students in the universities and working people in the offices come across a lot of documents on a daily basis. People generally like to have their documents in PDF versions as these are easy to handle and comprehend. The PDF versions give a more professional look to the documents. In some situations, people also have some scanned pictures with text. They have to see the text from the image and type it in a separate word file. It can be done for a small text but when the text is large enough comprising of multiple images, it would be a hectic task to type all the required text separately.

This is where Optical Character Reader (OCR) comes in as a perfect solution. It is a feature that can detect the text from the images, scanned files, or PDF files and convert them into a readable and editable version. Yes, you read it right. The technology has evolved to an extent that not you can take out the word of your need from the scanned files to use for a professional task. There are a number of free software all over the internet that are helping in converting the PDF files to the OCR format. The internet is in fact saturated with options and it might look difficult to select the best one from the available options.

The following lines are all about three such service provider software that is free and easily available on the internet. It is a difficult task to select such a short number from a huge list of options. However, we have tried to choose the best by doing an analysis that considered a number of factors. Have a look at the free options to OCR PDF and make the scanned files editable for you.

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Talking about the top-ranked service providers in this regard, the name of ONLINE OCR will always be placed on the list. It is because of a number of reasons that can be helpful for the users that deal with online documentation in their professional lives. The ONLINEOCR offers a user-friendly interface to the users. People can operate the software easily and there is no special expertise that is needed for proper functioning. The whole process is simple and straightforward. You just have to drag the desired PDF, images, pictures, scanned files that you want to convert to the OCR format to the website. This must be followed by a simple click on the convert button and the software will convert your file in the desired format as per your required dimensions and quality in a couple of seconds. The file is now ready for downloading. You can download the file with a simple click and the OCR format file will give you an editable version of the images that you uploaded. The good thing is that the software is totally free and is compatible with a number of windows systems.

See also  Parallel Space 64 bit- Some of the Best Alternatives and Their Benefits seems like the kind of software that deals in the services related to PDF documentation. It is known for providing users with documents of the highest quality in the desired format. The same goes for the OCR version where the platform does the job efficiently. It can easily recognize the text for you from the images or PDF formats. The design and working of the interface are second to none when it comes to convenience and quality. A user faces no ambiguities in converting the PDF to OCR and everything goes smoothly. will always be placed at the top of the list when the discussion is about top-ranked services for OCR formats. It makes sure that the quality of the document is up to the mark so that everything looks professional. In addition to that, the whole mechanism is quite easy and no special expertise is needed to learn the software. Even the person with a basic understanding of how things work on the internet platform will be able to manage the documents as per requirement.


Another free option for the users with some of the best and most comprehensive features to recognize the text from the images and scanned files. It is compatible with all the system applications and the user can get the required text in a matter of a couple of seconds only. The whole process goes on smoothly without any major lags. There is no rocket science in understanding the mechanism. You just have to drag the concerned files to the website and click the convert button. The best thing about the software is that it offers a lot of additional services too. You can get all the services related to a pdf version. However, as the name suggests, this software holds a specialty in recognizing the text from the desired formats. In short, the hassle of writing down a text physically from the images and scanned files is now out of the proposition with the arrival of modern-day tools in this regard.

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Have a look at the above-mentioned software services to select the best one for you. Go to the internet platform and search for the best quality OCR PDF service providers and make your professional life easy.


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